Top 4 Exchanges Where You Can Still Trade Monero

Monero (XMR) is a top privacy coin, and currently the largest of the privacy coins by market capitalization. Though privacy coins are not popular with financial regulators, they still exist and are used by those who wish to keep their transactions completely anonymous.

Top exchanges like Huobi delisted XMR in the past due to regulatory conditions of their host countries, but there are leading crypto exchanges that still support XMR. The following are exchanges where you can still trade XMR.


Binance is the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume, and is one of the leading exchanges that currently list Monero. You can buy the privacy coin by first depositing fiat using bank deposit, credit\debit card, or you can use your Binance cash balance and or peer-to-peer (P2P) crypto trading on Binance.

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You can convert it to dozens of crypto assets through Binance Convert, and there are several trading pairs for other trades as well, including XMR\USDT, XMR\BTC, XMR\ETH, XMR\BNB, and XMR\BUSD. You can also buy XMR using Binance Spot if you already have USDT, and using Binance OTC if you wish to trade large amount of the coin.

If you wish to trade XMR at low fees, Binance provides an ideal platform for the transaction as fees are lower than for most crypto exchanges.


Kraken is a top U.S cryptocurrency exchange and is among the top exchanges globally that still support XMR. If you live in America, this may be the best place to buy or trade XMR. Unfortunately, the exchange delisted the coin for U.K customers due to regulatory pressure.

Available pairs are XMR\BTC, XMR\USD, XMR\EUR, and XMR\USDT. This shows that you can use USD or EUR as fiat currencies to buy XMR on Kraken, and then trade it with the other cryptocurrency pairs. You can easily buy XMR by signing up on Kraken and then making a fiat deposit.


OKX is a cryptocurrency exchange known for trading derivatives. You can also trade XMR on it from anywhere in the world. It is however not available to U.S customers, so it isn’t the place to buy or trade XMR if you’re a U.S resident.

OKX like the other exchanges have trading pairs for XMR including XMR\USDT, XMR\USDC, XMR\BTC, and XMR\ETH. You can’t use fiat to buy XMR on OKX (at least for now), but you can buy any of the stablecoins and cryptocurrencies then trade them against XMR.

Being a top crypto exchange, OKX has high trading volumes for these XMR trading pairs, which means it has high liquidity for such trades.


This is another major exchange that still supports XMR. The exchange currently ranks among the top exchanges, and makes it easy to buy and trade XMR. Like OKX though, it does not allow the purchase of XMR using fiat.

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You can only Trade XMR with BTC, ETH, or USDT. If you wish to buy, you will need to own any of the three cryptocurrencies first, which you can easily buy on the platform. You can then trade them for XMR.

Depending on the trading pairs you need, you may not find KuCoin or any of the already listed exchanges for trading XMR. In that case, read on.


If you have been looking for where to trade Monero, these are the most reliable platforms you can use. As you can see, they are all top crypto exchanges with good reputation. In case you’re wondering why you need Monero, there are prying eyes everywhere trying to trace your transactions.

For most crypto use cases, this is fine since crypto transactions weren’t meant to be confidential. However if there is need for privacy of a particular transaction, you may need Monero to keep your transaction details secret and safe.

Monero transactions are also cheap compared to crypto assets like Ethereum, so enjoy using it for any private transaction needs you may have.