This Why Aavegotchi (GHST) Surged to its ATH

The “NFT summer,” awaited ‘portal’ sale, and the play-to-earn mode; supports Aavegotchi’s 40% uptick to its record high.

You cannot deny that the NFT marketplace attracted attention in 2021 as corporate and crypto influences, sports teams, and globally known firms joined the expanding virtual collectible craze.

The NFT industry appears to roar once more as collectibles such as BAYC (Bored Ape Yacht Club), Pudgy Penguins, and CryptoPunks surges to their highest prices. Such moves follow a slight wide-market pullback, coinciding with the industry-wide drops witnessed in May.

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GHST is among the projects that enjoyed price hikes due to the current bullishness of the NFT market. Aavegotchi (GHST) is an NFT network focused on DeFi, running on the Aave ecosystem.

According to TradingView and Cointelegraph Market Pro, GHST has managed to rally 202% following the plunges that had it at $0.896 lows on 22 June. With that, the cryptocurrency project attained a new ATH on 13 August at $2.74.

Why GHST Rose Remarkably?

Community Excited by the Upcoming Portal Drop

The awaited 2nd Haunt portal drop is the recent significant development for the Aavegotchi community. The developers scheduled the event to take place from 26 August to 29 August.

Haunts are essential in the Aavegotchi network since they allow users to access new Gotchis, the ecosystem’s in-game creatures. Users summon the gaming characters via portals raffled at Haunts time.

Haunt 2 is Aavegotchi’s second portal drop that would introduce 15,000 Gotchis to the network. Users will access 3,000 characters via a raffle and 12,000 of them through the bid-to-earn sale.

The Lucrative Platform

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The income options generated after participants use the platform are another thing supporting GHST upside moves.

As stated earlier, the platform has had one Haunt that relaunched portals proficient in summoning Gotchis. Moreover, out of the 10,000 gaming portals, users have claimed 6,992 to date. According to the latest stats, users have sacrificed 425 Gotchis, translating to 6,567 Gotchis existing at the moment.

Raffles allows users to earn wearables that they can use as tools to magnify Gotchi’s value.

NFT Summer Boost GHST

The recent promising performance by the NFT marketplace that gave rise to the ‘NFT Summer’ narrative accounts for the GHST bullish moves.

The upside price moves in the NFT sector boosted GHST tokens and other collectibles in the ecosystem.

For now, GHST has chances to rise higher if the NFTs market sustains the current momentum. Moreover, the anticipated upgrades support upticks

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