Latest Contract Signed by Lionel Messi Would Reportedly Have Crypto Fan Tokens

It is no longer a new report that Lionel Messi, one of the greatest football stars, had to leave his childhood club FC Barcelona. Due to some uncalled-for events and new laws introduced by La Liga, FC Barcelona had to move Messi to a different football club.

According to reports, Lionel Messi had been moved by FC Barcelona to the biggest French football club, known as PSG (Paris Saint-Germain).

As the PSG signed a new contract with the all-time favorite Lionel Messi, surprising news has been shared with all of Messi’s fans and the cryptocurrency community.

The reports reveal that in the contract, Messi also has the cryptocurrency fan tokens added. This means that now, the cryptocurrency fan tokens would be part of the salary package that he is going to receive from PSG.

Although official details around the contract between Messi and PSG are yet to be released, the information has started making it to forums and local news channels from inside sources.

Lionel Messi was just 13 when he had become part of the FC Barcelona, and he had to depart from the club at the age of 34. The reports confirm that after leaving the club, Messi reportedly signed a new contract with PSG for two years.

Another clause added to the contract would allow PSG to extend Messi’s contract up by another year.

Being one of the most legendary football players, being on par with Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi would definitely prove one of the best players for PSG. Luckily for PSG, Messi would be playing side-by-side with Neymar Jr.

that had played for FC Barcelona and had wonderful coordination with Messi.

The sources had revealed that according to the new contract, Messi will be receiving $41 million annually with the addition of bonuses. In addition to the annual salary, Lionel Messi also received a signing-up bonus worth $30 million with PSG.

Nasser Al-Khelaifi, the president at PSG talked about the deal they have formed with Messi.

In a press conference Al-Khelaifi stated that if they made the figures for the deal public between PSG and Messi, the fans and followers would be shocked. He stated that the figures they have locked for the deal would surprise any fan or football club.

Not many details have been shared in regards to the fan tokens that Messi has agreed to receive in his contract with PSG. One of the major blockchain-based football team-building platforms Socios has shared some very promising figures it has collected from its fan toke platform “Chiliz”.

According to the firm, since Messi joined PSG, the $PSG fan token trading volume on the platform has surpassed a daily figure of $1.2 billion.

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