The Crypto Daily: Shakers and Movers – June 27

After a mixed trading day for the overall crypto market, a BTC shift back to the $33,000 levels might ensure support.

On Saturday, BTC/USD increased by 2.44%. As a result, the leading cryptocurrency reversed the 8.86% dip from Friday to end the day around $32,355.7.

An unpredictable start of the day had BTC rising to $32,661.0 morning intraday high before a slight reverse.

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After failing to break the first vital resistance zone at $34,229, the flagship crypto dropped to a $30,206.0 low in the late morning trading session.

However, BTC managed to overcome the first vital resistance at $30,068, moving back to slightly over $32,300 before going green.

The final hour rally ensured an uptrend for the day.

Keep in mind that BTC maintained its near-term bullish outlook despite the recent losses that saw the asset sliding to the sub-$30,000 levels. Bitcoins might have to fall to $27,237, 62% Fib retracement for a bearish move confirmation.

Other Markets

Almost all top cryptocurrencies had a mixed trading day on Saturday. Link (0.21$ surge), ETH (1.11% increase), and XRP (0.81% Up) had modest gains in the last 24 hours, thanks to the recovery the assets saw in the final hour. Coin (4.37% loss) and Bitcoin Cash SV (4.91% drop) lost high.

Other top assets that traded in the red territory are Polkadot (1.56% drop), Cardano’s ADA (0.05% decline and Binance Coin (0.42% drop).

At the start of this week, the overall crypto market value rose to $1.488 billion on Monday before dropping to a $1.127 billion low on Tuesday. While writing this content, the overall crypto market capitalization stands at $1.284 billion.

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BTC saw its market power falling to 45.3% on Monday before recovering to 48.26% on Wednesday. While publishing this, Bitcoin has its dominance at 47.21%.

Sunday Morning

While writing this article, the leading asset, BTC, increased by 0.33% to trade at $32,462.2. An unpredictable start of the day had BTC falling to $32,066.0 in the early morning before a $32,485.0 increase.

Meanwhile, the crypto market has bullish sentiments at the moment.

As far as the coming trading sessions of the day are concerned, BTC needs to avoid dipping to $31,741 crucial level, to reach the first vital resistance at $33,276.

Stay tuned for more market updates.