ADAX Announces a Strategic Partnership with Co-Founder, Mate Tokay

The Cardano-based decentralized protocol ADAX has declared a new tactical partnership with the co-founder Mate Tokay. The savvy investor has trusted ADAX, investing with the project. As a result, Tokay joined the advisor’s team.

Keep in mind that ADAX has a team of experienced individuals who have succeeded in various cryptocurrency projects. Mate joining the team as an advisor will boost ADA’s network. The co-founder will bring his experiences, industry expertise, and know-how to the system. That would amplify the benefits that users gain from the Cardano network.

The strategic partnership will also prove ADAX’s total potential as a crypto project designed to offer financial solutions in the future. After all, a project with a promising future will attract more investors.

About Mate Tokay

Mate, a co-founder, has been a crypto enthusiast and Cardano support for a while. His move to join ADAX, a scheme on the Cardano platform, will boost the venture that believes Cardano will define blockchain in the future. The executive’s decision to join ADA developers aims to attain his financial vision, enabling global cryptocurrency access to solve financial hurdles.

Mate Tokay has been in BTC space since late 2012 and used custom-build ASIC to accomplish his Bitcoin mining activities in mid-23. To fill a gap in the crypto ecosystem, the investor founded, a crypto review and a Bitcoin news website. However, he sold the site later and partnered with Roger Ver to co-found At the moment, he has one ultimate goal, to make crypto globally accepted.

About ADAX

ADAX is a non-custodial and decentralized liquidity modus operandi that promotes crypto trades on the Cardano network. The protocols aim to reduce cost and speed transactions within the network.

The whole idea is to eliminate intermediaries, cumbersome processes, and different complexities in the trading equation. That allows users to control their assets and complete their crypto endeavors without censorship.

With decentralization, users can complete their crypto transactions without third-party involvement. ADAX ensures faster, secure, and transparent transactions.

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