Solid Invest Review – Is This Trading Platform Your Golden Ticket to Cryptocurrency?

Solid Invest Review


Solid Invest is a company dedicated to helping its customers achieve their crypto goals. Through their investing services and trading tools, they educate their clients on making smart financial decisions.

Solid Invest Review has been a difficult year all around with the global pandemic and lockdown. However, while businesses are locking down, Cryptocurrency trading is skyrocketing. Ethereum went from just over $100 in March to $430 in mid-august, and Bitcoin managed to triple its price.

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Suffice to say; the industry is better than ever. And now is the best time to make your first steps into the crypto market. But if cryptocurrencies have worn thin on you with measly returns, I discovered a trading site that just might interest you. Solid Invest is a competitive crypto trading service designed for all types of traders.

Why a dependable crypto trading platform is important

If there is one thing I learned through my years of trading, it’s that navigating the waters is never easy. It can be hard to tell which currencies will give you good returns and which ones are pump and dump schemes.

Pump and dump schemes have been one of the biggest problems I have witnessed in the industry. Many fellow traders have lost considerable sums of money investing in these schemes.

For those of you unaware, pump and dump are schemes where companies boost their stock prices through questionable means. This often includes them exaggerating, misleading, or outright lying to investors to raise their stock price. And when the hype is at its peak, they cash in their chips and walk out.

The worst part is; this scheme already occurred. A company by the name of Bitconnect became infamous for generating over a billion dollars and selling their position. It was harrowing to witness. Moreover, after looking into the matter, I found out there was no way of retrieving that money since it all came through Bitcoin.

Therefore, in order to keep yourself safe from these schemes, I suggest you turn to a trusted trading site—a trading site like Solid Invest that takes care of their clients.

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What they offer

Solid Invest is a company dedicated to helping its customers achieve their crypto goals. Through their investing services and trading tools, they educate their clients on making smart financial decisions.

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Their services include:

  • Transaction
  • Exchange
  • Investment
  • Reporting
  • Strategy analysis

These are five of the key services that they offer over a wide range of account types. Each of these services will offer more than just a better return on your investment. In fact, it will help you keep better track of your options, making you a better trader as a result.

Advanced Tutorials

Another one of the features that I found interesting was the advanced tutorials. With selected account types, Solid Invest will offer you a bookkeeper to assist with your trading choices and strategies. This service alone is a major selling point for the service, and I, for one, found it very impressive.

Their trading tools are also a major part of the experience. Their all-in-one app gives customers the control they need to trade, exchange, invest, and much more. Moreover, the application works on all platforms, allowing you to trade on the go.

Expert traders

Furthermore, thanks to the many experts at Solid Invest, you can avoid another Bitconnect scenario. Since I witnessed the event myself, it’s good to know that you will have experts by your side helping you. Thanks to their many years of experience, they can tell schemes from real investing opportunities.

Account types

As I said earlier, Solid Invest is a platform for every investor. Therefore, they offer their investors a variety of account types to choose from for their investing needs.

Explorer account

The explorer account is the perfect account for people just stepping into the crypto market. It offers 24-hour customer support, along with a 30% welcome bonus and professional chart. To me, while quite barebones, it is still a great offer for people just starting out.

The customer support will help new customers work around the system and app. Conversely, the welcome bonus is sizeable enough to pique their interest.

Basic account

The basic account is a step up above the original explorer account. It offers various features that I deem essential to becoming a good trader. With the basic account, you receive a private analyst as well as an introductory session with your analyst.

In my opinion, however, the best feature with this account includes weekly market reviews and financial research. Through this feature, you will weekly updates and reviews about some of the best investment options.

Silver account  

The silver account is very similar to the basic account, with one major distinction. While both have weekly updates and a personal analyst, the silver account has monthly sessions with an analyst.

These monthly sessions can be incredible for your trading. With these sessions, your analyst can give you proper advice on how to go about your monthly goals.

Gold account

The gold account is the most distinct plan out of all the others. I can see that this is Solid Invest’s prime account type. With this account, you receive a smart money management plan as well as weekly sessions with an analyst. The weekly sessions with your analyst are an immediate step up from the silver account and allow for more planning.

Moreover, the smart money management plan shows you better-investing alternatives for when you are not feeling all too risky. Overall this is possibly the most consistent account type Solid Invest provides.

Do not be afraid of stumbling

One trait that I see most novice traders share is keeping it safe. They just want to make as much money as possible, in as little time as possible, while risking close to nothing. You cannot be a successful trader unless you start taking a few risks.

Of course, I don’t mean you invest all your savings into a single currency. It playing it too safe very rarely leads you to success. However, don’t be afraid to stumble and fall. I know I was, and it led to some bad habits. Just remember to dust yourself off and get back on your feet when you fall.