Ben Armstrong Predicts Altcoins To Go Strong This Year

The persistent success of Bitcoin, the most valuable cryptocurrency since its inception in 2009, has never been in doubt, considering that the digital assets continue to outsmart every other token in its class. However, the recent dip in the form of the cryptocurrency, coupled with the high performance of a few altcoins, has now raised the belief of many analysts and investors who feel that this might be the Altcoin year.

In a recent youtube video, A famous YouTuber and crypto trader Ben Armstrong is now the latest to show he believes in altcoins. He shared a list of altcoin he thinks will go strong this year with his followers on social media.

Armstrong predicts AVAX, NANO, and DOT to top altcoins this year

In his post on youtube, the famous cryptocurrency trader took his time to select at least ten altcoins he feels will do well this year. The Youtuber believes that the MKR token will profit off the boom of the DeFi space, hence, the inclusion in his list. He also added UNISWAP to his list, expecting the token to blow up leveraging on the new features like limit order in its network.

The popular trader also feels like this year might be the year for REN, which had been pushing strong since late last year. The businessman did not hide his affection and appraisal for LRC, whom he feels like with the work the network is doing in the DeFi space, it will soon become the toast of the space.

He rounded off his list by predicting that avalanche, NANO, and hashgrap will be the top three performers amongst all altcoins this year. He singled out NANO for praise, as the token is currently poised and the fastest growing altcoin at the moment. The trader also noted that he expects HBAR, Zen, HEDGE to do great things in the year.

Armstrong omission of altcoins like Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash worries analyst

While it is worthy to note that the list compiled by Armstrong was based on his prediction, a lot of his followers were worried that the popular crypto analyst had ignored altcoin like Ethereum, BCH, and XRP. The belief surrounding XRP is that it will be back, despite all the struggles and problems associated with Ripple, the parent company.

Ethereum, the leading altcoin and the second largest digital asset by market capitalization, has outperformed BItcoin since the beginning of the year and thus been predicted by many to do well in 2021. Many analysts and enthusiasts have touted institutional adoption of Ethereum and the full launch of Ethereum 2.0 to be the driving factor of success for the cryptocurrency this year.

Bitcoin cash is also another altcoin that is not doing so badly, and many analysts and investors have faith in the token. However, what is the most important for many investors is the overall success of their investments. However, many of his followers will be following through with his predictions, despite their reservations.