QuantBitex Review – The Future of Crypto Trading in Your Hands

QuantBitex Review


QuantBitex provides investors with an automated investment platform that is powered by algorithms that learn from you or the financial advisor that is performing all the operations on the software. These algorithms are always there monitoring the financial markets. In this particular case, they are monitoring the cryptocurrency market.


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Things are changing quite fast in our modern world, and online trading does not have to be an exception. In the past, you have to visit the market personally or at least the broker to trade any asset. Things changed and you now have computer on which you can trade whichever asset you want to trade. However, you don’t have to think that trading from home is the only big thing that was supposed to happen with the coming of new and advanced technology. I can tell you from experience that things are changing in quite a few other ways as well.

For example, I recently stumbled upon QuantBitex, an online platform that has been designed for cryptocurrency trading. There are many things that make this platform quite unique. It won’t be wrong to say that I have not seen anything like this before. I am sure you are going to be surprised regardless of how long you have been trading for. In this review, I will tell you more about the trading platform. This will help you learn more about it and give you all the information that you need to sign up on it to start your solid crypto trading career.

QuantBitex Review

Broker QuantBitex
Trading Type Cryptocurrencies
Trading Style Automated (Financial Advisor-backed)
Trading Accounts Four (Basic, Silver, Gold, Platinum)
Annual Savings Up to 9%
No-interest Loan Up to 40% of Deposit
Minimum deposit 250 EUR
Maximum Leverage 1:400
Customer Service 24/5

QuantBitex – How It’s the Future of Crypto Trading

QuantBitex – How It’s the Future of Crypto Trading

Finest Cryptocurrencies for Trading

I am going to mention this point first because I think that you will not find this freedom on most other trading platforms. So, what you are going to like about being with QuantBitex is there are many different digital currencies available for trading. That’s not quite what you get with other online trading resources and brokers because they offer you only the safest digital currencies. What they are doing is that they are protecting their investments. On the other hand, they are pushing you into digital assets that can be very volatile. As a result, you can lose a lot of money.

On other occasions, I have noticed that some platforms do not offer you a particular position. If you are on their software for trading, they will only let you take up one position. You can either buy or sell the digital coin that you are interested. What if you want to do both at the same time? Well, that’s not an option with them. In other words, they let you pick only one position based on market conditions. If they think it will be in their best interest to let you only trade the long position, they will only let you do that.

I can say that you will feel very limited when you have these boundaries around you. That’s something I have always personally wanted to change about online brokers and trading resources. I think QuantBitex is going to change that for you forever. In other words, your account will be in a position to trade any asset that that is there in the cryptocurrency market. Whether you have liked Bitcoin since its start or want to go with Ethereum, you will not be disappointed. More importantly, there are some other not-so-famous digital currencies available as well.

Monero, EOS, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ripple, etc. are only some of the names of the cryptocurrencies that are in your reach when you are with QuantBitex. So, I think the company is doing a great job at least in this area.

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Monero, EOS, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ripple

Automated Trading at Its Best

That’s the biggest difference you are going to feel when you are with QuantBitex. With most online brokers, you are asked to trade on your own. Yes, the idea sounds great from the perspective of a trader who knows a lot about trading, but what about people who are still new to the game. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if someone traded on your behalf and made you money rather than you taking the stress of it all? Do keep in mind that trading yourself can be very stressful, especially because there is such a high competition and you have your hard earned money on the line.

That’s like the modern way of making money. So, you are there sleeping in your warm bed while your trading platform is working for you to make money. I think that’s a great way to make money and also believe that this is how things will be in the coming times. In a way, you are investing in the future of trading. You have the trading platform that will trade on your behalf. Now, the important question that you have to ask here is ,”How is the platform going to know what to trade and when?” That’s a great question and I am going to address that carefully in the coming point.

Before that, you should know that you have quantum computers in the back that are making it all possible for you. What I mean to say is that you can rely on this automatic trading platform without worrying about any glitches or issues resulting from the speed and lack of resources on the computers.

Algorithms in Power

Algorithms in Power

So, what is it that powers this amazing trading platforms and pulls off the trades on your behalf? Well, these are algorithms. Algorithms are at the core of the technology that we use today. Everything that’s happening on the internet has its base in the algorithms. When you search for something on the internet and get recommendations, they are based only on the algorithms. In a way, algorithms are more like the language of the software world. They help machines understand your instructions and repeat further processes based on those instructions.

So, when you perform a search on the internet, the websites learn your patterns through algorithms. You can take the example of Youtube where you see a completely different home page than the one your friend sees. Their recommendations are based on their searches and watch history, whereas your home page is based on yours. The best thing is that these algorithms can help you trade in the online trading world. The only thing you ever needed was the company that could put the power of algorithms to use to help you trade automatically.

That’s exactly what you will be doing when you sign up with QuantBitex. You have a trading platform that is powered by algorithms that learn from you or the financial advisor that is performing all the operations on the software. These algorithms are always there monitoring the financial markets. In this particular case, they are monitoring the cryptocurrency market. They can see the patterns and movements in the market and predict where it will be in the coming minutes. This way, they can predict the outcomes of certain trades. At the end of the day, you as a user are the one who benefits.

Financial Advisors to the Rescue  

There is something that I have always criticized about the online trading world. I don’t mind the way people trade these days. The online brokers and the systems they have created are quite good. However, the problem with them is that the new traders are not really that suitable in these conditions. It does not matter how much you learn something, you still learn the best when you are in the field. In a similar way, you can’t really learn trading unless you do it with your money. Demo accounts and educational materials are there to help, but they can’t save you from risks.

You still have to take huge risks when you enter trades. That’s what I don’t like about the current trading system. What’s good about a system in which you spend so much time learning and you still cannot trade with confidence? Not to mention the fact that if you lose money right in the beginning, you don’t really feel like trading anymore. I am pretty sure others must have thought about this issue as well. In my case, I think I have found the answers in the shape of QuantBitex. This online trading platform has solved this problem for me.

I have financial advisors who will be helping me when I start with QuantBitex. The best thing is that they are there to work with me to create a perfect system for me to trade automatically. In other words, for my trading platform to trade on my behalf, it has to know my trading style. That is done by my financial advisors. They are there to take care of the trades for me. They keep me in the loop and let the trading system perform trades on my behalf. In other words, you can say that the trading platform is performing the trades on their behalf.

You can already imagine that the trading platform cannot make wrong moves because it is basing all of its decisions based on what it is learning from the expert. In other words, I don’t have to do anything. There is a system in which software and human force are there to help me with my trading career. The financial advisors are there to pick the best trades whereas the trading platform is there to trade on my behalf.

Deposits and Withdrawals Are No Problem

I have to admire the system that this company has created. I can tell you that you will not feel disappointed at any point of your trading career because of how well-arranged things are with QuantBitex. You will see that everything is where it should be. For example, when it comes to depositing funds in your account, you can do that in many different ways. You can use your credit and debit cards from the most reliable service providers of the money transfer services, such Maestro. You can use your Visa and MasterCard credit cards as well.

In addition to that, you can go with the bank wire transfer option. This option might not be very fast when you compare it to sending money through credit cards. However, it is definitely one of the safest out there. You can also use your Bitcoin to deposit money in your online account. That’s something I really like because as a crypto trader, it does not really feel nice when you can’t even use your digital currencies to fund your own trading accounts. I have not seen many other online trading platforms that give you this option, but you have it here.

The fees and service charges that you have to pay when you sign with online brokers can be back-breaking at times. Some companies have so many different types of services charges and fees that you cannot even count them. They usually tell you about these charges when you are about to make a withdrawal or deposit. You will not have to worry about these things when it comes to depositing your money with this online platform. Better yet, you will be able to withdraw funds without any unbelievable terms and conditions. The account you have used for depositing money can be the account for receiving the money. So, you can withdraw your funds directly to your bank account.

Feel Secure All the Time

I am sure you will feel very secure while you are signed up with this online platform. You have the financial advisors taking care of the trading matters with you. At the same time, you have your trading platform that will perform the trades based on sophisticated algorithms. However, there is another form of security that you have to pay attention to. I am talking about the safety of your information. You have to keep in mind that there are strict KYC and AML policies in place with this online company for trading services.

When you sign up with QuantBitex, you will be providing your personal details on the phone. You will have to submit information about your identity. The identification information has to be submitted through your identification card. It has to an official and government-issued identification card. In addition to that, you might also have to submit a copy of your utility bill. This shows that you are the person who resides at the address that you have provided on the website. Furthermore, you will be submitting information of your banking account.

If you are using a credit card, you will submit the information of your credit card. The most important thing you have to keep in mind is that you will be providing the online platform all of this information in the pictorial form. Yes, you will have to take the pictures of these documents or scan them before you send their pictures to QuantBitex. This ensures that you are in possession of all the information that you are providing on the website.

With all of this said, do you think you can really sign up with an online broker or company that does not protect your information? If you do, that will be a huge mistake. I don’t want you to make such a mistake and that’s why I am recommending QuantBitex to you. With this online trading services provider, you will have all your information completely encrypted. Once your information has been encrypted, it cannot be read or deciphered by any third parties who have not been authorized to access to this information. As a result, you can sign up with QuantBitex without worrying about your information being stolen.

Four Accounts for You to Pick From

Four Accounts for You to Pick From

You have four different account types so you can pick the one that makes the most sense to you. Here, you have to keep in mind that you are not the only person who is interested in trading cryptocurrencies. There are millions of people in the world who are thinking about investing their money in this market so they can think about their future as well. There are not many online trading platforms to make their life easy. Yes, there are many trading platforms, but those that are specifically dedicated to trading cryptocurrencies are not so many.

When you look at QuantBitex, you can rest assured that this platform is all about trading digital currencies. Now, when you look at the account types, you can clearly tell that just about any trader with any level of experience can sign up with it. You have QuantBitex providing you with four different accounts. You have a basic account, which is meant for you if you are trading for the first time. If you are on a budget, I am sure you are going to love this account because it requires only 250 EUR from you to open this account. You then have the silver, gold, and platinum accounts for those who are beyond the beginner level.

These are no-risk deposit accounts, in which you will get a return every year no matter which account you open. You can get up to 9% of profit if you go with the most expensive. In fact, you will get a profit of 6% every single year if you go with the most basic account. That’s what you can say will make your life easier. That’s a benefit for you without even trading yourself. You are just letting an automated system trade for you while you count the amount of money you will make every year.

In addition to that, you can get a loan on your deposits as well. The deposit amount you get will depend on the amount you have in your account. It can be up to 40% of your deposit in the account. The best thing about this loan is that you will not have to pay any interest on this loan. That’s something I have not seen any other broker or trading platform do. That’s the kind of innovation I really admire from QuantBitex.

Lastly, I would like to mention that you will not have to spend a fortune to open any of these accounts. If you have not already found out, the minimum deposit that you can make in your trading account with QuantBitex is 250 EUR. That’s such a small amount for being a part of an online trading system that yields money for you every year without even requiring you to take the risk yourself. You have an automated trading platform at your disposal and the talent of the best financial advisors to help you with all of this.

Customer Support

Now, once you have known everything about an online trading platform, the last thing that remains is the type of customer support you will be getting. You can’t really think about a great trading experience if there is no good customer support. I have signed up with online brokers that I thought were the best in the industry. But I can tell you that I ran into problems on their trading platforms as well. You think everything is going smoothly but then one day you face a problem you need help with. That’s where you really appreciate the help from your trading services provider.

In this particular case, I can tell you that the customer support you are getting really means something. You have professionals on the other side who are willing to provide you with all the help you need as a trader. You have an email address that you can send your queries to. If you want to talk to a customer support representative on the phone, you can do that with ease on the phone number. These customer support agents are there to help you with your concerns 24 hours during the working days.

Final Thoughts

So, what used to be a dream in the past has finally become a reality. In the past, people used to dream that they would one day make money without doing anything. You are lucky to be living in a time in which you can make money in just that manner. You have a trading platform that trades on your behalf through algorithms, and financial advisors who will keep your trades in the right direction. At the end of the day, you have a complete system that can help you make money from the best digital assets of the world today.