Prime Minister Of Vietnam Demands Crypto Regulations

The Prime Minister of Vietnam, Pham Minh Chinh has recently made a statement regarding cryptocurrency regulations.

In his recent statements, he has been very vocal about cryptocurrency adoption and the regulatory framework. He has stressed his government to be vigilant about the crypto expansion in the country.

Crypto Regulations in Vietnam

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The Prime Minister stated that it is very important for the government of Vietnam to pay close attention to the crypto regulations.

The authorities must deeply study the cryptocurrency regulations and then come up with their own regulations for the local crypto sector.

The residents in Vietnam are highly influenced and motivated to spend on cryptocurrencies. The adoption level of crypto in the country is remarkably high compared to other countries with similar economies.

Therefore, it has become extremely crucial that the country’s government must understand the entire situation and regulate cryptocurrency adoption in the country.

He has stated that digital assets are gaining quite momentum in terms of adoption. However, the locals and even the regulators in the country are not much aware of the legalities involved with crypto.

Due to the lack of knowledge and understanding of cryptocurrencies, there is a great lack of legal recognition in the country for cryptocurrencies.

AML Bill Must be introduced

It was during an interview at VnExpress, a local online news outlet, where Chinh talked about the adoption of cryptocurrencies on October 24.

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He stressed that the government and the regulators in Vietnam must work together to come up with firmer policies and regulations surrounding cryptocurrencies.

He stated it is very important that a very firm and well-studied Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policy must be built around cryptocurrencies.

The government and regulators must take all the measures even if they are required to make huge amendments to the regulations surrounding cryptocurrencies and digital assets.

The Prime Minister has hinted that in the future, the government may introduce stricter regulations surrounding cryptocurrencies.

The government may also come up with new regulations related to financial crime. This way, the government would be able to deal with financial crimes with more strictness.

Vietnam wants to emerge as a country that is welcoming to cryptocurrencies but it also wants to make sure they are regulated.

Coming up with amendments and stricter policies would be the best way to deal with crypto adoption in the country.

Vietnam’s Current Take on Cryptocurrencies

In Vietnam, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ether are not considered authorized modes of payment. Still, the policies surrounding cryptocurrencies are still in the gray area.

The data collected by Chainalysis revealed that in the years 2021 and 2022, Vietnam ranked no. 1 in terms of cryptocurrency adoption.

Therefore, it is very important for the country to adopt cryptocurrency regulations to make things streamlined for the locals.