Plus500 Review – Is Plus500 Scam? Should Consider Signing Up?

Plus500 Review


Read our Plus500 review and learn why we recommend this broker for online trading. Plus500 is a great trading platform that offers features and services that suit traders from different backgrounds.

Plus500 Review

Plus500 logoPlus500 is a fantastic broker for all experienced and newbie traders. The purpose of this Plus500 review is to help traders understand what attributes brokers should possess to assist traders. People start trading for various reasons, but the main reason is to have economic prosperity most of the time. Online trading offers economic prospects that other areas cannot, which is why many people invest in this industry. Stay tuned for our Plus500 review, which will reveal the platform’s intriguing features and services.

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Are you the one like many others who want to try their luck in trading and want to double or triple their money over time? But you are also afraid of losing your investment because you have zero knowledge of trading and how it works, so do not worry. You can do trading even without experience; all you want is a broker to give you excellent trading and investment opportunities. Various online trading platforms provide services to many consumers when it comes to online trading.

On the other hand, the internet trading sector is rife with brokerages attempting to entice investors at every turn. These internet trading service providers are just interested in one thing: luring customers in and robbing them of their money. The online trading market has grown exceedingly dangerous and full of opportunists in recent years. It is why it is impossible to discover an online trading platform that would allow you to trade with confidence while also allowing you to earn. However, Plus500 can assist you in overcoming this challenge because it is a reputable broker who provides exceptional services.

The growing popularity of online trading has increased the number of platforms available, and the number of online trading platforms is growing day by day. However, as you may be aware, as the number of possibilities grows, so does competition, and the same is happening with the brokers. When there were limited options available in the past, traders had no choice but to accept what the brokers offered. However, things have changed since then. Today, traders have ample options that they don’t need to sign up for a phony trading platform.

Plus500 is one of the trading platforms that provide a comprehensive package to traders who want to trade various assets with simplicity. It’s not just any broker who makes a lot of promises but never follows through. This broker’s trustworthiness is built on fulfilling its promises, which is why this platform is so popular among traders. Many traders have used this broker, and the vast majority of them are happy with its services.

Plus500 is a licensed broker, which tells us everything we need to know about its legitimacy. If you’re unfamiliar with authorized brokers, let me explain that some regulatory authorities are in charge of keeping an eye on fraudsters and assisting traders in trading properly without fear of being scammed. These authorities have regulated Plus500, which means it fulfills the authorities’ eligibility standards and is, therefore, a good trading platform. So, if you’re concerned about being scammed, Plus500 is unquestionably the best option because it is a scam-free platform.

Plus500 website

After all of that, let’s have a look at the things that Plus500 has to offer. It will help you decide whether to choose this broker or not after carefully considering these facts, and I am confident that it will captivate you.

Features of Plus500

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Following are the features of Plus500 that make it a reliable and competent broker.

Easy to start

Platforms must adopt an easy technique for new traders to sign up because they are usually confused with how a trading platform works. If the broker opts for a simple registration process, it indicates that the firm will be simple to operate within the future. But that isn’t what most platforms do; instead, they prefer to make trading challenging and include ludicrous stages that take up a lot of time. It irritates traders while also wasting their time.

The good brokers must aid traders; it is their job, and one aspect of that is allowing them to sign up swiftly. Plus500 is one such broker that has a thorough understanding of its clients’ requirements. Contrary to other brokers, it did not overlook the audience’s needs, opting instead for a more user-friendly sign-up process. Plus500 is a good broker to use if you want to make a swift and effortless entry into trading.

Plus500 understands that the traders do not encourage cumbersome sign-up procedures because they require a lot of time and effort and that traders should opt for the most straightforward options. So signing up to Plus500 is easy; all you need to do is go to the website and select the registration option. You will find a registration form here that you must complete. However, it only requires basic information such as your name, contact information, and home location, and you can complete it in a matter of minutes. You must also select the currency you wish to trade in, which is necessary to start.

The Ultimate Trading Platform for all

You can’t physically visit your broker’s office and experience that broker’s office in the internet trading market. However, you will go to the trading interface, which has all of the features provided by that broker. As a result, the most crucial thing a trader wants from a broker is a trading platform, which no one should neglect while selecting a broker. Plus500 has a fantastic trading platform with comprehensive tools and graphs to help traders with their trades while remaining highly user-friendly. Plus500 has built its trading platform to meet the needs of all traders, whether they want to play massive games and have a lot of experience and understanding about trading or they are new to the market and are still learning about it. In all circumstances, Plus500 has taken your needs into account while designing its trading platform.

Plus500’s expert staff has concentrated on giving the most up-to-date technology of tools geared to assist traders in making market predictions. Several indicators predict the future of a particular item based on scientific and mathematical calculations. If you’ve put money into an asset, you may use those methods to expect when that item will rise in value or what the market’s trend will be. You can assess a bullish or bearish market for ay assets by looking at these indications.

Plus500 trading platform

Platform accessible through multiple devices

Another intriguing feature of this Plus500 platform is that you can use it from any location. Plus500 has developed a trading platform that can be used on any device. You don’t have to worry if you can’t take your laptop or access your computer because you can trade using your mobile phone or tablet.

There are numerous additional aspects of this platform that I enjoy. Customization is one of the software’s most appealing features. It is critical information for both new and seasoned traders. As a novice trader, you want to keep things as simple as possible so that you may customize the dashboard to your liking. Traders who have been in the business for a while already know what they want on their dashboard to deliver the most value. You may be able to get things just the way you want them with the help of this software, and you’ll be aware of what’s going on as soon as you open the trading platform.

Plus500 concern for safety and security

Security is the most important thing to consider before investing through any trading platform. I am astounded that many traders do not even consider this particular factor before signing up with an online trading platform, let alone ignore it. How can you do this even though there are so many different types of hazards lurking on the dark side of the internet? It’s possible to misplace vital information as well as your identity. Furthermore, if you ignore your account’s security features, you may find yourself with no money in your account.

Because of the security concerns, traders are having difficulty deciding which broker to trust, which is why I suggest Plus500. This market has grown in popularity due to its reputation for being a safe place to trade, and that is what traders seek because they all want to feel safe while trading. It is not wrong to say that a reliable trading platform that can safeguard traders from external danger naturally makes them feel better.

Plus500 boasts more security safeguards than all of the security features given by some online brokers. To begin, the information you are asked to submit while signing up will be encrypted using 256-bit encryption techniques. The organization secures your information from hackers on the internet by employing this strategy.

Compliance with KYC and AML requirements

Plus500 has prioritized the safety and security of traders’ funds, which is why the majority of traders who have dealt with this broker are satisfied with its services. The implementation of two different sorts of policies is proof of it. The first policy is KYC (Know Your Customer) that aims to keep fraudsters away from authorized marketplaces. When you register with Plus500, you must prove your identity and address to ensure that you are a legal trader and not a scammer. It can be accomplished by presenting your national ID card and a credit card bill to demonstrate that you are a legal trader and are not interested in engaging in any fraudulent conduct.

The second policy is AML (Anti Money Laundering), and Plus500 strictly follows it. You’ve probably heard of this policy, as it’s a requirement for any regulated platform. The Platforms can watch any criminal conduct, such as money laundering, by adhering to this policy.

Training and Education

At Plus500, you will receive up-to-date training and education. You’ll be pleased to learn that these trading accounts have account managers as well. The account managers of Plus500 are available to assist you in the most straightforward manner possible. They will assist you in determining where you are as a trader and provide you with a plan that you can put into action.

If you choose a more advanced account than the basic one, you will participate in monthly and weekly sessions. If you select the advanced accounts, you will also have access to a personal portfolio manager. You will hardly find such a vital trading service offered by any other broker. So make sure you sign up with the correct account to benefit from these benefits. Plus500 also provides an opportunity to participate in webinars, which are a regular feature of the company’s online trading services.

World-class customer support system

While trading online, you will encounter several problems. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a member of a top-notch broker or not. There will be occasions when you require someone to speak with you on the phone or by email and provide you with the solution to your problem. You may be encountering issues with your trading platform. You might also need information about the deposits or withdrawals as well.

Plus500’s customer service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and you’ll find it to be incredibly professional, well-trained, and sensitive. This crew is only a message away, and they work in a very specialized and transparent setting that benefits the traders. It would help if you also had a peek at the website’s frequently asked questions area.

Multiple Trading Instruments are available

Plus500 services are not limited to a single type of online trading instrument. Whether you intend to trade a single item or numerous assets at once, they have got you covered. You can choose from an extensive range of trading assets at Plus500. Traders benefit greatly from diversifying their holdings because it minimizes the likelihood and severity of a loss. Following are the instruments available at the Plus500 to trade.

  • Forex or currency trading

An essential tool that Plus500 provides is trading in currency. This type of trading is usually preferred by persons who know world politics and are primarily interested in a country’s economic status. It is about currency fluctuations and how to make money out of them.

  • Stock or capital trading

If you are unfamiliar with the stock market, then let me tell you it is the oldest form of online trading in the history of online trading, with millions of traders investing their money and profiting from it. If you want to join the ranks of the traders who make millions of dollars in this market, sign up with Plus500x today and begin investing in stocks.

  • Crypto or digital currency trading

Plus500 also provides an opportunity to trade in cryptocurrency. Plus500 accepts Bitcoin as one of their cryptocurrencies. This new market has a lot of promise, and traders have made a lot of money with it. With Plus500, you should not hesitate to invest in the right cryptocurrency.

Multiple trading accounts to meet the needs of all traders

There are several sorts of traders; some may be seasoned, while others are new to the market and have no idea what they are doing. Plus500 has created various accounts that will benefit all traders and select the suitable account type for them.

  • Standard trading account

It is Plus500’s first account type, geared for beginners. Many features can help beginner traders trade well, such as daily news, up to 1:200 leverage, margin loan up to 25%, and more.

  • Silver trading account

A silver account is the second one offered by Plus500. This account adds to the standard account some capabilities, such 24 hours monitoring of the account by the experts. It might assist you in more successfully analyzing the market and investing money in the appropriate assets.

  • Gold trading account

This account is for seasoned traders. Traders who believe they can play massive games and earn money will be a fantastic venue to try their skills. This membership includes monthly sessions with a licensed account analyst that monitors your account. The gold account also offers face-to-face sessions with the account managers every week to get professional market analysis and much more.

  • VIP trading account

This account is aimed at experienced VIP traders who wish to step up their trading game. These traders need the most sophisticated and modern tools and strategies to succeed. Exclusive features include VIP event invitations, VIP adviser, Managed portfolio, and more.

  • Pro trading account

Professional traders are called pros. If you trade online for a living, you know you can’t afford to make mistakes. That’s why Plus500 created this account to assist you in stabilizing your revenue. This account has a wealth manager, higher payouts, exceptionally high spreads, and more.


If you seek a suitable broker with a strong reputation and name in the trading sector, then Plus500 is one for you. Plus500 is well aware of what it wants to provide its traders and how to do so. Because of its higher security features, state-of-the-art online trading platform, and support from knowledgeable customer service specialists, Plus500 stands a good chance of succeeding. So, what exactly are you waiting for? Simply go to the Plus500 platform and register right now.