PEPE Market Sees Bullish Trend with Big Brother’s $6B Acquisition and NFT Advancements

Key Insights:

  • Big Brother’s 6B $PEPE acquisition shows confidence in the project’s NFT advancement.
  • The recent partnership with OpenSea Pro has marked a significant milestone in the growth and development of the $PEPE project.
  • Although the PEPE market has seen a drop in trading volume, there is still bullishness and possible gains for traders who act prudently.

The acquisition of 6B $PEPE has expanded Big Brother’s virtual currency collection, which was already quite substantial. In a bold move, he invested 66B $PEPE over three days, using 73.4 $ETH (which equals $137K). Despite the swift accumulation and an average buying price of $0.000002082, Big Brother seems confident in his investment strategy.

PEPE coins: Revolutionizing NFT trading

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The NFT market has experienced a significant upheaval due to the revolutionary $PEPE project. The project has taken an enormous step forward in supporting its community by partnering with OpenSea Pro. As a result, users can now buy or sell NFTs for PEPE coins, marking a significant milestone in the growth and development of the project.

In the past 24 hours, bears have made a valiant effort to control the PEPE market, pushing its intraday low to $0.000001779. However, bulls have shown resilience and regained strength, propelling prices to an intraday high of 0.00002103. Currently, at press time, PEPE is trading at $0.000001925, reflecting a 1.10% increase from its previous closing price.

Over the past day, the market capitalization of PEPE has risen by 0.04%, now sitting at $752,101,660. However, there has been a notable drop in trading volume of 51.86%, which could be attributed to a lack of investor confidence and profit-taking within the PEPE market.

PEPE/USD 24-hour price chart (Source: CoinMarketCap)

The Balance of Power score of 0.17 on the price chart for PEPE indicates that the bullish trend is moderate at best. With prices moving in this direction, it’s clear that there is some purchasing pressure in the market, but not enough to push prices much higher. Traders should be wary of opening large long positions and should think about using stop-loss orders to mitigate risk.

The Chaikin Money Flow (CMF) indicator on the 2-hour price chart for PEPE shows bullish market conditions, with a value of 0.06 and a line pointing North. This indicates that PEPE is in great demand and that purchasers are ready to pay a premium for the material. Traders may want to consider buying PEPE at the present price if they believe its value will rise in the future.

PEPE/USDT 2-hour price chart (Source: TradingView)

Upper and lower Bollinger Band readings of 0.00000210 and 0.00000178, respectively, on the PEPE market’s 2-hour price chart indicate some volatility in the market. This shift demonstrates the opportunity for rapid gains for traders who take short-term bets to capitalize on the volatility.

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The Chande Momentum Oscillator (ChandeMo), plotted against the price of PEPE over a time period of two hours, now has a reading of 29.41 and is pointing in the direction of the North. This indicates that price increases are likely to persist. 

PEPE/USDT 2-hour price chart (Source: Trading View)


In conclusion, there is bullishness in the PEPE market, with signs pointing toward possible gains and upward momentum. Traders may benefit from the current environment of uncertainty by acting prudently.