NFT Native Tokens Keep Appreciating Following Increasing Patronage

Other blockchain programs are somehow being neglected for the NFT sector, witnessing a booming period with its native tokens appreciating in value. For instance, yesterday, Chiliz, Flow, and other tickets saw a monumental rise in their value. Those marketplaces specialize in NFT (non-tangible tokens). Besides, several other marketplaces also specialize in NFT. These platforms have witnessed between a 30 and 70% rise in their prices. At present, NFTs are now the focus of attention as fans are now eager to spend thousands or millions buying NFT collectibles. A token is different from the other as it is unique on its own. It is now clear that the growing obsession with NFTs has caused tokens prices to rise to all-time highs.

Some Top NFTs that Have Appreciated in Value in Recent Days

Chills is one of the Ethereum-based sports arenas which has expanded its facilities with about $50 million lately. The platform has partnered with big clubs such as Juventus, Barcelona, PSG, among others. The token (CHZ) has risen to $0.126, jumping by almost 70%. Some of the largest NFT crypto collections that were sold in NFT marketplaces are highlighted below.

Since February, the NFT marketplace recorded $360 million from the leading five NFTs. NBA Top Shots is leading the top 5. MANA is a token from Decentraland that can be used to purchase in-game gadgets. Yesterday, MANA recorded a 42% rise in its value, to shoot it to $0.43. This indicates that Decentraland is still very attractive to investors. Another NFT is FLOW that hosts the famous Top Shot, which is also an NFT platform, has also experienced a drastic increase in its token price.

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Yesterday, the FLOW token grew by almost 30%, rising to as high as $40. NBA Top Shot refers to some NFT works which have a variety of highlights of basketball games. In just a month, the NBA’s trade volumeken has jumped to about $250 million. Likewise, the sales have increased 420% while 87K users perform 1.260 million executions in FLOW.

The Overall NFT Market is Appreciating in Value

The overall NFT market is rising as sellers are auctioning various tokens at huge prices. Two days ago, Kings of Leon music group declared that it would release some editions of its album in NFT. Likewise, the NBA is participating actively in the present NFT boom.Sincerely, more is yet to be seen as the sector has a promising future.More celebrities are also jining the crypto NFT digital world. Crypto enthusiasts are now eager to pay thousands, and even millions, for NFT digital artworks. For example, Sheldon Corey, a Canadian, purchased an avatar known as Cryptopunks for $20,000.

CryptoPunks has been in existence since 2017. But the increasing popularity of NFT has made people willing to offer more money for digital collectibles. Now, CryptoPunks has generated up to $45 million in just a week. Also, CryptoKitties, another popular NFT created by Dapper Labs, has raised $433,450 from the sales of NFT in just a week. The popularity of these digital cats recently made the Ethereum network congested.

Another famous NFT is NBA Top Shots, also built by Dapper Labs and the NBA, has made a whopping $147 million in just one week. The platform allows users to buy and sell basketball highlights. A top celebrity, Mark Cuba, has also made significant money from the NFT marketplace. NFT provide an official confirmation of digital ownership of an item in such a way that the owner permanently reserves the right to the digital item even after death.