Mark Cuban Believes That The Lack Of Physical Ownership Of NFTs Makes Them Unique

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which mostly exist as a graphical representation of any form of art from Blockchain, continue to attract many. The NFT space is a relatively small part of the cryptocurrency market, but these days is getting popular. Mark Cuban, the Owner of Dallas Maverick, is the latest to discuss the uniqueness of NFTs, as he recently been a social media influencer for the uniques tokens. The American Billionaire has continued to promote the uniques tokens on every possible NFT social marketplace since he first got to know about them earlier in January.

Cuban unlikely to sell his NFT

In an interview earlier this week, the American investor explained his new craze for NFTs and why he’s suddenly promoting the tokens. While discussing the uniques tokens, Cuban used the picture of Pittsburgh Condors’s retired basketball legend- John Brisker, an NFT he currently owns. The Billionaire explained that individuals who own NFTs are happy they do, not necessarily because it’s a picture or art. Cuban believe that all the details in a typical NFT card can be written or found anywhere on the internet, but the unique token card ownership is what delights its holders.

Cuban feels like individuals have to get over the idea that they must physically touch the cards before they believe they own them. He sighted Bitcoin as an example, as he believes that no investor has ever held Bitcoin in their hands physically, but they trade the digital assets. The Billionaire currently has no intentions of selling his cards, like many people on NBA Top Shot, as he believes the procedures involved will be too intensive. However, holders of NFTs can go to a digital marketplace like NBA Top Shot to share and sell their tokens. NBA Top Shot is one of the most popular NFT digital marketplaces, where investors are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy basketball-affiliated uniques artworks.

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NFTs continue to get the buzz

NBA Top Shot, Crypto Punks, and many other NFT digital marketplace continue to confirm that the market is becoming a vast revenue ground. Crypto Punks have sold arts belonging to digital artists worth millions of dollars already this year. On the other hand, on a particular day last month, NBA Top Shot sold NFTs worth $2.8 million in barely 30 minutes. Cuban also believe there is no anonymity with NFT ownership, as he believes that anyone could see through the value of your digital wallet when you share the link. Individuals who view the wallet address with Etherscan, a public site for viewing the Ethereum blockchain, can easily see its content.

The Billionaire investor got to find out that people could uncover the amount in your wallet when you share the link, as one of his followers confirmed that he had $455,000 worth of tokens. The Billionaire replied to the follower jokingly that he had many wallets, and he doesn’t care if anyone can see through this particular one. At the end f his interview, Cuban also confirmed that he is still trying to learn more about NFTs, as he assures his followers to expect more from him in the next few weeks.