Nayib Bukele has more to Share with his Public about Bitcoin Mining

Ever since the announcement of Bitcoin being adopted as a legal tender, there has been too much internal/external pressure on the President of El Salvador. The president of El Salvador has been under a lot of pressure from the locals as well as outside countries criticizing Nayib Bukele’s adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Despite all the opposition and protests being organized in the country, Nayib Bukele is determined to keep moving forward with Bitcoin adoption. The president of Bukele is now determined to explore more adoption options within the Bitcoin verse.

Just recently, Bukele has shared a video that is another step that the president of El Salvador seems to have made in the cryptocurrency sector. In the video, Bukele has shown how much progress has been made in the development of the mining plant for Bitcoin.

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It was back in July when the president of El Salvador had started talks with the energy department in the country. The talks were in regards to using the geothermal energy being produced by the volcanoes in the country.

Bukele had signed up a deal where the energy department of El Salvador was required to utilize the volcanic geothermal energy to operate Bitcoin mining farms in the country.

The video Bukele shared demonstrates how fast the project is being worked on and that they are almost done with the project. The video shows the facility that is being built for power generation. It also showed the section where the technicians were busy setting up the mining rigs in order to make them function.

Bukele reportedly shared the video through his Twitter profile on September 28, 2021. Since then, there have been so many talks on the local and international platforms about the progress the country is making in terms of Bitcoin adoption.

Despite all the efforts being made in the matter to defuse the entire process of adopting Bitcoin, Bukele is spearheading efforts of Bitcoin adoption. He has been making sure that he finally gains the trust and support of the locals. His ideology revolves around making El Salvador a prosperous country that is free from international pressure.

Bukele has stated on several occasions that he wants to fix the economic situation of the county and for this purpose, he will adopt Bitcoin on a large scale.

After sharing the video, Bukele talked about the significance of the facility. He stated that Bitcoin has been criticized for energy consumption and high-carbon emissions for a very long time.

However, they have come up with a way to turn the tables entirely as they are going after 100% clean and renewable energy. This way, the country will have nothing to worry about the energy crisis as they are using natural sources of energy.

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