Cryptocurrency Payments to be enabled by Verifone with BitPay’s Input

With every passing second, the number of investors and users in the crypto-verse has been increasing. This is because the cryptocurrency industry has proven to be full of opportunities, gains, and profits. The sector has not remained limited to its own jurisdictions, but it has started outgrowing itself.

The cryptocurrency industry has been growing out into different sectors and platforms since the beginning of 2021. This is the reason why any online or real-world company or firm is trying to implement them into their infrastructure.

By now, the entire world has started realizing the importance of adopting cryptocurrencies. They know what role cryptocurrencies are going to play in the advancement of the financial systems in near future.

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For firms to adopt cryptocurrencies now, means that they will become pioneers, and will be benefitting more than firms that will adopt cryptocurrencies in the future.

With time, people from all over the world have also realized the importance of cryptocurrencies. Similarly, mainstream institutions are also adopting and investing in the cryptocurrency sector.

As of now, the mainstream and online payment services firms know really well how important it is to adopt cryptocurrencies as payment methods. This is the reason why Bitcoin is constantly gaining ground in the mainstream industry.

Just recently, research was conducted among cryptocurrency users, where it was established that over 93% of crypto-users are willing to make payments in cryptocurrencies. Another 59% of participants currently having no cryptocurrencies in their possession are willing to adopt and invest in cryptocurrencies.

Based on the above outcomes and public interest in cryptocurrencies, Verifone has started investing heavily in the adoption of cryptocurrencies as payment methods. Verifone is currently known as one of the largest providers of point-of-sale (POS) services in the world.

Verifone has announced that it is going to let users on the platform use cryptocurrencies as a mode of payment. For this purpose, Verifone has announced that it has partnered with BitPay, which would provide its extension of payment technology based on blockchain.

With the adoption of the blockchain extension, the customers using the Verifone platform will be able to pay for services and purchases with the help of cryptocurrencies.

The Verifone CEO, Mike Pulli, has hinted that they are getting ready to make a huge announcement for the merchants and users using Verifone for transactions. Verifone is reportedly being used for e-commerce Cloud Services and in-store platforms. The news is going to be promising for anyone using the platform.

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This hint strongly points towards Verifone making an announcement in regards to providing cryptocurrencies as a payment method by the end of 2021. For a while, Verifone had been seeking new payment methods and it seems that it has found one in the form of cryptocurrencies.