Juventus and PSG Fan Tokens Listed on Binance Launchpool

The synergy between sports and crypto keeps getting stronger to meet fans’ expectations. The fans of the two football clubs, Juventus (JUV) and Paris Saint Germain (PSG), now have a reason to celebrate because their tokens have now been added to the Binance Launchpool. A recent report by Binance indicates that the inclusion of the Football Fan Tokens of the two clubs serves as the 9th and 10th projects Binance Launchpool has launched so far.

User rewards are calculated in real-time

The farming of the JUV and PSG tokens began on the 15th of December, 2020. First of all, users must stake their BUSD, BNB, and CHZ tokens into different pools. It takes 30 days to farm the JUV and PSG tokens. On the 21st of December, Binance listed the two tokens to the innovation zone. Accordingly, JUV and PSG tokens are now available for open trading with the pairs such as JUV/BUSD, JUV/BTC, JUV/USDT, PSG/BUSD, PSG/BTC, PSG/USDT.

Every hour, snapshots of user balance and total pool balances are published to calculate user rewards. Likewise, user rewards are updated on an hourly basis. As a user, you can easily compile your earnings. You are also free to claim your earnings directly to your spot accounts whenever you want to.

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There is always a real-time update to the annual percentage yield (APY) and total pool balance for every pool. The farming process allows every user to stake only one pool at a time. For example, you are not allowed to stake the same CHZ into two different pools simultaneously.

BNB users will be the biggest winners

You can stake 50% of your BUSD, CHZ, or BNB into one pool and the other 50% into another. As a Binance user, you can unstake your funds whenever you want to. After withdrawing your funds, you are instantly qualified to participate in other available pools. Any unclaimed rewards will automatically be sent to your spot account. Likewise, any token you stake in a pool will be transferred to your spot account. The transfer will take place only at the end of a farming period.

This Launchpool will allow BNB users to reap the benefits of holding BNB. The benefits are airdrops, Launchpad eligibility, and various VIP privileges that come with holding BNB. Not long ago, Binance Charity Foundation launched a partnership with UNICEF Luxembourg to send assist victims of a disaster in Beirut in August. Binance Charity sent $10,000 worth of crypto to alleviate the critical conditions of those affected.