FinexArena Review – An Insight On The Services Provided By FinexArena

FinexArena Review


FinexArena is one of the best forex and cryptocurrency brokers out there. The broker uses an amazing trading platform that provides you with many facilities. This broker also provides you with the facility of opening a demo account without registering for an official account.

FinexArena Review

FinexArena logoSo, you have decided to earn some income on the side. Nowadays people have adapted earning side incomes a hobby since you need money to survive in this capitalistic world. Since many people are indulging in this habit, new ways of earning these incomes keep emerging.

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Online jobs are a popular way of earning money from home where online trade has made quite a market for itself over the years. More and more people are showing interest in the online trade industry. It takes more effort than other industries to earn a stable living through online trade. You need to learn about the basic things to familiarize yourself with the jargon of this industry and its significance.

You also need to make important decisions at the beginning that will shape the path of your online trading career. I am talking about choosing a broker to register with. This is an important decision that needs to be made after a lot of research and thought. There are many online brokers available today, so it is rather difficult to pick out one to sign up with easily.

I want to help you with that by talking about one of the better brokers out there. FinexArena is one of the leading online brokerage firms that provide you many services to trade easily.


Services by FinexArena

1.    Trading Tools

Trading tools allow you to experience the world of trading with maximum benefits. FinexArena provides you with an array of trading tools that assist in making the broker one of the leading forex and crypto trading firms. Trading tools help you in trading successfully without making bad decisions. Since the trade markets are extremely volatile, using trading tools reduces the chances of you facing a loss. Some of the trading tools that FinexArena provides you include; currency converter, profit calculator, margin requirements, overnight swaps, user-friendly interface, and security.

These tools provide you with information regarding trade market values, calculate estimated profit from trades, offer security, and many more benefits. You should head to the broker’s website to read the details of how these tools work.

2.    Deposit and Withdrawal Payment Methods

Trading is a business that requires many deposits and withdrawals to take place. Brokers need to provide easy methods to perform these tasks and provide options for payment methods. FinexArena provides a variety of payment methods through which people can make deposits or withdraw funds. The payment solutions provided by this broker include payment via wire transfers, credit/ debit cards, Visa, MasterCard, and e-wallet services.

For instant payments, you can use the e-wallet services which are affiliated with many online banks. Payments or transactions made via credit/debit cards, Visa, and MasterCard take around 30 minutes. While wire transfers can take about 2-15 working days. The minimum amount that you can transact or deposit thought these ways is $300.

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The rule of thumb is that you can only withdraw funds using the service you deposited them with. The availability of multiple payment methods makes depositing and withdrawing funds easier for you.

3.    User Security

You put yourself in a position of vulnerability when you partake in online trading because you are providing so many sensitive pieces of personal information to a website. For instance, in addition to the basic information, you have to provide your home address, bank details, copies of government-issued identity cards, etc. Brokers need this sensitive information to prevent frauds and identity thefts. Therefore, brokers need to take security measures to protect your information from any deceit.

FinexArena provides you with wide-ranging security structures which include instant encryption of any data provided to the broker. For this purpose, firewalls and two-factor authentication (2FA) are implemented into the trading platform to make it secure. Furthermore, the broker is compliant with various security policies to guarantee user safety, in terms of their personal information and funds. The broker has incorporated a segregated accounts system to protect your funds.

4.    Segregated Accounts

FinexArena provides the services of segregated accounts to protect customer funds. All of the customer’s funds are kept in a separate account from the brokers to prevent the mixing of funds. Mixing of funds makes it easier for brokers to use the client’s funds for their own profits.

Regulatory agencies monitor all the activities done by the clients as well as the broker to prevent illegal activities. Segregated accounts help ensure that there is no misappropriation of the client’s funds. The funds in the clients’ segregated accounts can only be used for trading. The client’s money is returned to them fully in case the broker undergoes bankruptcy.

5.    Demo Accounts

This broker provides you with the facility of opening a demo account without registering for an official account. Demo accounts allow you to interact with the trading platform, explore the features and services provided by the broker, and practice trading without making any investments.

Demo accounts are great for when you are a new trader and are trying out different brokerage firms to find the right one for you.


FinexArena is one of the best forex and cryptocurrency brokers out there. The broker uses an amazing trading platform that provides you with many facilities. I have shared my unbiased opinion of this broker. I can honestly say that the services that this broker provides have been some of the best that I have experienced. And that is saying something considering the amount of time I have spent with different brokers.

As I mentioned in the beginning, this broker provides many interesting and helpful features that make it a great broker. So, if you’re looking for a broker that is worth signing up with, then I will definitely suggest FinexArena. However, I hold no power nor the right to force you to pick this broker. You should complete your research and make a list of potential brokers. From there you can pick your top choice of broker to start your online trading journey with.