FXTM Review – Why You Should Consider Signing Up With This Broker

FXTM Review


Read our FXTM review and learn why we recommend this broker for online trading. FXTM is a great trading platform that offers features and services that suit traders from different backgrounds.

FXTM Review

FXTM logoFXTM is an online brokerage platform created with an aim to facilitate traders and provide them excellent service with professionalism. I have been using this broker for the last two months, and this time, it has impressed me so much that I am compelled to write this review. In this FXTM review, I will tell you which of its features mesmerized me.

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Online trading is a broad term where thousands of ideas and options are available which can be utilized for earning profits. The online trading market has been providing unlimited opportunities, which is why an overwhelming number of people has joined this field. Due to the convenience provided by online trading, its popularity has been continuously and rapidly increasing. People have really liked the idea of working from home, especially after the pandemic of 2020. With the help of online trading, traders can trade every type of trading instrument by sitting at home. This is why its proponents are increasing.

The first point which I want you to remember in online trading is that the trading platform is the most important thing for a trader. It is so important because online trading is not possible without a trading platform. Due to this reason, the need for a good broker has increased a lot. You should know that those people who underestimate the importance of a trading platform are wrong. Online brokerage platforms consist of many traders, and their collective experience proves fruitful for beginners. They are in a better position to give advice and provide every type of required help.

It depends on the trader whether he wants to avail himself of the services of a broker or want to try different options. If you want to try different options, then it is your choice, but if you want to stay with one reliable and professional broker, then FXTM is a very good option for you. FXTM is a team that comprises expert and sincere traders who spread their knowledge for the betterment of young traders. They have experience of many years and know everything about the online trading market. Their experience is not just useful for beginners, but professional traders can also use it to further improve their trading strategies.

FXTM website

There are some brokers in the market which fascinate newbies and offer many features. These brokers trap traders by talking big but don’t provide the services which they claim. Such brokers become an anchor for traders, and to excel in their career, traders ultimately have to leave such brokers bearing a huge loss of money. So it is highly recommended to register with a brokerage that has been already tested by someone. I personally used FXTM and felt completely satisfied, which is why I am suggesting it to you. I have done proper research on it and found out that this broker never compromises on the services and security of its customers.

If you have read the first quarter of this review, it means that you are really interested in checking the features of this amazing brokerage platform. Knowing this, I don’t intend to delay anymore, and let’s jump to the features directly.

Trading Platform And Its Features

The trading platform is a feature that cannot be taken lightly because the whole career of a trader depends on it. Without a good trading platform, all other features and services are of no use. If you don’t know what a trading platform is, then let me tell you. A trading platform is a software provided by brokerage platforms that act as an interface between the trader and the broker. If the trading platform is good, then trading will become easy for you, but if it is not good, then the result will be the exact opposite.

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A trading platform is a thing that traders have to use every day for many hours. If it is dull and boring, then the traders lose interest, and as a result, profit percentage gradually decreases. FXTM has paid special attention to aesthetics and made the display very bright and attractive. It has not overlooked a single point that I have mentioned above which is why this broker deserves to be recommended.

When I visited FXTM for the first time, I observed that it had been designed flawlessly without leaving any room for more improvement. The outlook of this broker is modern, and animations are also used to make it more attractive. A combination of dark and bright colours is used so that the traders don’t feel dull or boring.

When you visit the platform of FXTM, you will also feel the same which I felt during my first visit. This trading platform is updated on a daily basis and taken care of from every point of view. With the help of frequent updates, this brokerage platform has improved its rating in a very short span of time. The team of FXTM has given importance to the looks, but it doesn’t mean at all that it has ignored performance. The website is not burdened with unnecessary and unorganized material. This is why it is super-fast. You will not feel any kind of difficulty while finding the required tools on the platform.

The next plus point of the FXTM trading platform is its compatibility. If you want to earn good profits, then you will have to give yourself to this market. In doing so, you will have to remain available on the platform most of the time as it is the first requirement of online trading. Professional traders remain available even when they are travelling. FXTM has created ease for its traders by providing them with a platform that can be used on mobile phones as well. Not just mobile phones, the website is compatible with every device which has a web browser and a working internet connection. In other words, you can log in by using your mobile, laptop or tab and start your trading by sitting in any part of the world.

FXTM trading platform

Safety And Security Features Of FXTM

The security of traders from both the investment and information point of view is essential for every broker to consider. Unluckily some unprofessional brokers still compromise on this crucial point and risk the security of their clients. FXTM, the subject of this review, is completely different as it has left no stone unturned to bring its customers to safety.

When a trader steps into the online trading market, he has a lot of things to worry about. This is why FXTM tries its best that the trader feels safe from a security point of view. By working alongside FXTM, it will become easier for you to focus on trades putting all responsibilities on the broker. Being an extremely professional broker, FXTM is fulfilling its responsibility of security very efficiently.

If a broker wants a save its traders from outer threats, he needs to make sure that no unauthorized person is able to register with the platform. For this particular purpose, FXTM has implemented KYC (Know Your Customer) policy. According to this policy, every client who wants to register with the broker needs to prove his identity; otherwise, he is not granted permission to use any feature of the platform. The traders are asked to give proof of identity along with the address of residence. The registration process completes only when FXTM makes sure that the applicant is a legal citizen with no prior criminal record.

The second policy used by FXTM coupled with KYC is AML (Anti Money Laundering). This policy is used for surveillance of transactions made by traders to detect the possibility of money laundering and terrorist funding. In this way, the plans of criminals to white their black money are thwarted by FXTM very easily. For this purpose, it asks traders to provide proofs like utility bills or bank statements.

These policies are surely enough to protect the data and funds of traders, but FXTM has not stopped here. It has taken a step further and taken a third measure for the protection of its clients. Although it is not possible if somehow a criminal gets his hands on the information of traders, it will be of no use for him. It is this third measure that makes it useless for hackers. This measure is encryption. FXTM uses the latest encryption technology for this purpose, named Secure Socket Layer 256-bit encryption. The data, once encrypted using this software, can never be decoded by any other person than the broker himself.

Customer Support Services

Let’s stop for a while and suppose that an error has occurred during trading and you need help; whom will you contact for assistance? Of course, you will call your broker because no one else would be able to help you on time. But unfortunately, all brokers don’t provide customer support service. And out of those who provide a customer support service, only half of them have responsive representatives. But you don’t have to worry about this basic facility because FXTM provides a robust customer support service. The customer support representatives of FXTM know how to deal with every possible situation because they are trained to do so. They are well-spoken and remain available to help the clients twenty-four hours a day.

If you face a problem at any time of your trading career, you can take help from your broker. It doesn’t matter whether the problem is regarding accounts, transactions or trading platforms. You will be guided in detail because the agents of FXTM are capable of providing help. Here a question pops into the mind that how to contact the broker?

FXTM has opened many ways for traders to contact the broker for help. First of all, there is an FAQ (Frequently asked questions) section on the website. This section contains all the most repeated questions and their answers. Secondly, there is an option of a live support forum where you will be answered by representatives in a matter of seconds because they will be online to help you.

But if, due to any reason, you are unable to call yourself, then you can use the callback feature. After using this feature, the representatives of FXTM will call you themselves to inquire about your problem. The fourth and last option available for you is to contact the customer support team by sending an email by typing all the details of your problem.

Education Section Of The Platform

The experience and mental level of every trader differs from other traders. Some are experienced, while others are trying their luck for the first time in this field. Educating beginners is necessary because otherwise, the risk of losing investment will increase. In fact, I say that experienced traders should also use education material because there is always some room for improvement. FXTM has designed its education section in such a schoolmasterly taste that learning becomes easy for traders.

This portion contains every type of help related to the platform, brokers, new technologies and cryptocurrency trading. There are e-books, video lectures and tutorials which prove vital for traders. FXTM conducts webinars as well where you can listen to famous traders and learn from their words of experience. If you hold a high-end trading account, then you can avail one on one education facility as well. In this service, you will be virtually connected to a teacher who will guide you about literally everything related to online trading.

Trading Accounts Offered By FXTM

If you have visited any other brokerage platform, then you would already know that many brokers are offering multiple trading accounts nowadays to exactly match the requirements of traders. But you would be pleased to know that FXTM has surpassed every other broker in this regard because it offers seven types of trading accounts. These accounts are named Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Premium and VIP account. The bronze account is the most basic account, while the VIP account is the most luxurious one. Now I am going to give you brief details about all these account types one by one.

  • Bronze Account

Trading is a business that requires a lot of investment. This is true, but you can trade with a small amount as well. In addition, it is wise to trade with a small capital at the beginning of your career, and you are not advised to start with millions. As I have mentioned above, this account is a basic one that is why you can open this account for just 10k pounds. In this account, you will be given market reviews and social trading. You will also be given access to an education academy to attend webinars and read e-books.

  • Silver Account

Silver account is a slightly improved version of the Bronze account. This account can be opened by depositing an initial amount of 25k pounds. In addition to the features of the Bronze account, you will be given access to some useful trading tools and VOD advanced.

  • Gold Account

Gold account is for those traders who want to take online trading as a full-time job and want to excel to a professional level. This account has features that can lift your experience in a short time. Although you will have to deposit 50k pounds initially, you will be provided with a personal assistant and one risk-free trade as well.

  • Platinum Account

The platinum account is created for intermediate and skilful traders who can invest at least 100k pounds. This account is really different from previously mentioned accounts because it unlocks a new lot of features. The most satisfying features of the Platinum account are personal assistant, Customized account, leveraged trading and access to trading rooms.

  • Diamond Account

Diamond account is for proficient traders and requires an initial deposit of 250k pounds. Yes, it is a lot of money, but it is famous in the trading market that bigger investment fetches bigger profits. This is why FXTM has created this account for professional traders. This account holder gets help from a trading specialist. They are also given special offers and exclusive market updates.

  • Premium Account

Premium account matches the requirements and level of expert traders. This account can be opened by depositing half a million pounds. In this account, FXTM offers 3 risk-free trades, a premium education package, a full account overview and a premium algorithmic trading system.

  • VIP Account

VIP account is the flagship account of FXTM. To enroll for this account, you will have to contact the manager first. This account can be opened with an initial deposit of one million pounds. In exchange for so much money, you will be given all the features of the previously mentioned six accounts. Not just those features, but you will be given some additional features as well, such as a dedicated account specialist, customized trading platform, exclusive assets and a premium account manager.


There are many brokerage platforms in this market that are offering a similar types of offers. I have tested many of them, but none of them satisfied me, like FXTM. I have analyzed its features and conveyed them to you, but now it is your turn to make a decision.