Former Developer of Google Reportedly Hired by Metaplex as CEO

As per the latest reports, Metaplex has made a huge announcement for its users, stakeholders, and partners. Metaplex, a major marketplace for non-fungible tokens (NFT) has announced that it has recently made a decision of bringing a very reputable personality from the tech sector onboard.

According to Metaplex, it has recently brought its new chief executive officer (CEO) on board. In addition to bringing a new CEO on board, the NFT marketplace has also brought together an advisory board. Metaplex has revealed that the advisory board will be formed of major personalities and firms from the cryptocurrency sector.

Over the course of time, the non-fungible token sector has grown so much that it is even forming advisory boards for the expansion of the industry. The non-fungible token industry is now aiming to become one of the largest industries within the cryptocurrency sector.

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The non-fungible token sector continues to grow, the projects based on the Solana network are also aiming to benefit from the technology. At present, almost every blockchain network within the DeFi sector is aiming to adopt NFT technology.

Metaplex has announced that they have successfully finalized the terms for bringing Adam Jeffries on board. Jeffries has been one of the most iconic and prominent personalities in the technology sector. Adam Jeffries is highly regarded as one of the top developers in the tech sector.

Throughout his tenure as the tech developer, he has worked for tech giants such as Kaggle, Citadel, Amazon, and Google. The announcement in regards to the onboarding of Adam Jeffries was made by Metaplex on Wednesday, September 29, 2021.

The executives at Metaplex Studios have announced that Adam Jeffries has been appointed as the chief executive officer in the company. In addition to Jeffries’ appointment, Metaplex has also formed a board of advisers.

The firm has announced that the advisers would be from Phantom, Cultur3 Capital, CoinShares, and Audius. From Phantom, it would be Chris Kalani, the company’s chief product officer (CPO). From Cultur3 Capital, all three co-founders; Rolf Hoefer, Mark Streeter, and Alex Yamashita. From CoinShares, the member of the board is Meltem Demirors, the chief strategy officer (CSO) at the company.

In addition to the above, other advisers include Saber Labs’ Dylan Macalinao, Street Dreams Magazine’s co-founder Steven Irby.

Adam Jeffries is not only known for working in tech giants as a developer, but he has also earned a lot of names having a lot of knowledge in the codebase. This means that he is familiar with and has experience working in over 24 technical and programming languages.

Jeffries stated that he has always wanted to enhance the experience of users with the development of advanced applications. As Metaplex aims to do the same, it became a strong motivation for him in joining the platform.

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