FinuTrade Review – A Deep Dive Into Their Offerings

FinuTrade Review

Trading has seen a brand new surge of traders, looking to make the most of their time during the pandemic. With some countries still in lockdown, citizens will have to look for a different form of income. And if you are one of those new traders, the first major challenge you will face is finding a broker.

Brokers use their experience and training to help you invest in the right assets. Even though you can do it on your own, they make trading so much easier. One of the biggest brokers that you can find is FinuTrade.

Secure Trading

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Your first concern when registering to FinuTrade might be about its security. After all, they are asking for a lot of personal information when you sign up. They ask for your credit card information, a picture of your credit card, and so much more. I know I would be concerned about security as well when giving away so much personal information, especially if there is money hanging in the balance.

Fortunately, you do not have to worry about your information, as FinuTrade ensures your safety. FinuTrade encrypts any data that you provide them, even from analysts and bookkeepers they provide. They will only have access to the information that is relevant to them and nothing more.

Apart from keeping your information safe, FinuTrade also takes extra steps in ensuring your funds are safe. One of their more unorthodox requirements that they ask for is a picture of your credit card. They take this step to ensure whether or not you are the rightful owner of the card.

This keeps hackers and other potential threats away from the site. FinuTrade’s first priority is keeping their clients safe.

Helping You Up To Your Feet

Trading is by no means a simple task. People can trade for years and still not make a consistent career out of the financial market. But with the help of the internet, traders are able to learn a lot about the market in a short span of time. Nevertheless, you will need some time before you can reach a certain level and take advantage of the market.

Therefore, until you learn more about trading, FinuTrade offers new traders a demo account. Here, they can get more comfortable with trading, without having to worry about scams or poor trades.

While the financial market is a place of great opportunity, it can also be a place of sophisticated scams. These scams can be very difficult to tell apart, and they can cost you a considerable amount.  These scams are especially prominent in cryptocurrencies, as transactions there are difficult o trace.

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Other than scams, you might find yourself willing to invest into a poor opportunity. Some opportunities, despite looking very nice, are not worth investing for various reasons. Whether they do not have ample managerial power, or do not have a working prototype for their product, they are a not a good investment. However, only the trained eyes of a broker can tell you what opportunities are good.

An All Inclusive Platform

I know many individuals that want to start trading on the financial market, but cannot due to their religious beliefs. The most prominent of these people are Muslims. Since Muslims cannot deal in interest, they cannot trade on the financial market.

Of course, brokers are starting to notice this major untapped market. Therefore, they are trying different things to cater to Muslims. One of the strategies that FinuTrade has come up with is the Islamic Account.

An Islamic Account essentially forgoes a lot of the fees that do not comply with Sharia Law. A lot of interest payments, especially that of financial swaps.

A Real Trading Experience

Once new traders pass through the Demo Account, they can move onto a real trading environment. The real account is the final account that FinuTrade. It offers real trading environment for both intermediate and veterans alike.

Unlike the demo account that deals in virtual currency, the real account deals in real currency. You can start the real account with a minimum deposit of $250. You can trade in all of the options with ease.

Various Trading Platforms

Other than having various trading accounts to help new traders learn, FinuTrade also offers its traders various trading platforms. Brokers will always have to offer their traders convenient ways to trade. Clients will always look for their convenience when looking for a broker. So even if a broker has the superior assets, if it is not on the platform traders find convenient, they will not trade there.

FinuTrade offers its traders various platforms to choose from. Traders can choose between a mobile and web trader. Traders can access the web trader through a web browser wherever there are. On the other hand, the meta trader 4 is an incredible third party trading app that allows for incredible versatility throughout the experience.

In fact, I know many individuals that prefer the meta trader 4 app over anything else the FinuTrade offers. Its incredible optimization allows for a very convenient trading experience that every trader can enjoy. The meta trader app also comes in various multiple languages and well designed analytical tools.  There are also numerous charting options that all come in a very user friendly interface.

Take your Time Trading

One of the best things about trading is that you do not need to hurry. The biggest mistake I made when I was starting out is that I did not take my time trading. Instead, I was eager to make the massive profits in a short span of time. However, you should just focus on improving your trading techniques and knowledge.

Don’t focus so much on the profit side of trading. Rather focus on the learning side so that you can earn consistently. Consistency is something that even some of the best traders fail to achieve. And if you can be consistent with your trades, you are already better than most traders.