This United States Senator Is Holding Five BTC

The US senator in question is Cynthia. She talked in a past CNBC interview, adding that the asset fits in with other assets classes in a retirement portfolio.

In an interview with CNBC on Tuesday, United States senator Lummis stated that BTC and other digital currencies should be included in retirement plans alongside traditional investments since they are an excellent store of value.

The senator told CNBC that she wants to see cryptocurrencies, such as BTC to become a portion of a diverse investment portfolio that is utilized in retirement plans and other possibilities for individuals to save for the long run.

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The Senator carried on stating if one is an employee with a pension plan – she would like those savings to be invested in BTC and different digital currencies since they are a good store of value.

Senator from Wyoming consists of very few individuals from the country that can be considered as inclined crypto lawmakers. Last year in 2020, the senator shilled BTC on television, claiming that she wanted to inform her fellow lawmakers about the currency and its ability to serve as a store of value.

The senator even went onto say that the United States dollar is not a smart investment for the long run noting inflation as a key issue that would afflict the currency’s potential.

Adoption for BTC continues to grow

The senator’s perspective isn’t all rhetoric or play either. Tuesday discussion, the senator stated that she holds more than five Bitcoin, which was worth more than $176at the time of publication. The senator’s initial purchase was made when BTC was only $330, the Wyoming senator added.

In the meantime, Lummis stated that she would want to see the world’s largest digital currency used in daily life rather than only for speculation purposes.

The senator stated that she wants the public to be allowed to utilize BTC and digital currencies of their choice that are secure and have passed the bank secrecy and money laundering laws of the United States.

The daily usage of cryptocurrencies is starting just right now. El Salvador legalized BTC as legal money this month, with a particular emphasis on the Lightning network for payment processing and enabling transfers.

Meanwhile, countries such as Paraguay and Panama are working on their regulations to incorporate BTC and other digital currencies into the larger economy.

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