CryptoPayIn Review – Why You Should Consider Signing Up With This Exchange?

CryptoPayIn Review


Read our CryptoPayIn review and learn why we recommend this exchange for online trading. CryptoPayIn is a great trading platform that offers features and services that suit traders from different backgrounds.

CryptoPayIn Review 

CryptoPayIn logoCryptoPayIn is a digital currency exchange that proudly offers its services with amazing features in the crypto trading world. In this CryptoPayIn review, you will be provided all information about the features which this platform is offering to its customers.

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Nowadays, online trading is considered the most convenient method of trading. There are millions of such traders who are earning buckets of money by online trading. Those who are still bound in a 9 to 5 job have started to get tired of it. Those who dream of living a luxurious life have started to trade online to make some extra money. In addition, a trader cannot earn a fortune by a 9 to 5 job. For that reason, experienced traders have been continuously shifting towards online trading because it is highly profitable. Many trading instruments fall under the broad spectrum of online trading. But when we talk about cryptocurrencies, it is the most recently inducted trading instrument that will be our main focus in this review.

Bitcoin is the first-ever digital currency introduced in this market. It was introduced by a Chinese genius, Satoshi Nakamoto. In the beginning, many traders failed to understand the expected profit of cryptocurrencies and misjudged them as an asset with no future at all. But with the passage of time, their doubts were cleared as it proved itself as one of the biggest trading markets—the journey of digital coins initiated from pennies and faced a rise and fall scenario for several years. But now, the master coin has reached an astonishing price of 60k dollars and attracted millions of pairs of eyes towards itself. But this journey of Bitcoin was not as straightforward as it looks. Many controversies emerged regarding cryptocurrencies, but now the tide is turning as several governments are thinking about declaring them legal. Although it is growing, it is a rapidly changing market.

As the number of digital currencies and their traders is increasing, the platforms which provide exchange services have also increased. Before coming into the market, I am going to let you know how to start your career in this business. When you are damn sure that you want to jump into this field, the first thing you will need to do is get yourself registered with a reliable and already tested platform. Many websites provide services to buy and sell digital currencies, but the most suitable option is to do it through a cryptocurrency exchange. A cryptocurrency exchange is a firm that provides you a trading platform where you can purchase and sell different cryptocurrencies and currency pairs. If your knowledge of currency pairs is not sufficient, then keep reading this review.

As the word pair means a combination of two things, currency pair means that two currencies are involved in this type of trading. One currency will be a FIAT currency like Dollar or Euro, while the second will be a digital currency such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. You can get a digital coin by giving FIAT currency and vice versa. This method of trading is the most practiced and recommended around the world. All the professional and seasoned traders who have spent a considerable amount of time in this market prefer trading through a cryptocurrency exchange due to many reasons.

There are thousands of available trading platforms that is why finding a good one is not an easy task. There are many factors that make this decision more difficult. The first difficult thing for traders is to search for a legitimate trading firm. Although cryptocurrencies have brought a revolution with their advancements, some people with evil intentions have also stepped in. Some people with a criminal mentality have been able to deprive some beginners of their investment money by frauds. Those who are new in this business and lack sufficient knowledge of online trading should thoroughly research it before enrolling themselves with any trading platform for their own safety. Doing research will save their time, force, and money which they would have invested with a suspicious platform.

CryptoPayIn website

But researching is considered as difficult and tiring work by many people. It is true that finding authentic and proven information about any platform is not easy at all, especially for beginners. It is said that ‘so many men, so many opinions that is why you will find hundreds of opinions about one platform, so picking up one good platform from multiple available options becomes difficult. But reading this review will suffice your needs because, with a ten-minute read, you will become able to clear your mind.

Now I will tell you how to know or check the authenticity of a platform. The only applicable method of doing it is by reading reviews and testimonials of experienced traders about your target platform. These reviews and comments play a vital role in helping the disoriented newcomers. Some platforms seem very attractive and fascinating at first glance, but after registration with them, traders get to see their real faces. Their claims prove only tactics of attracting customers, and practically they offer nothing to the traders.

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I am writing this review in an attempt to save you from falling prey to these deceptive claims. I have already completed the tricky work and examined this platform closely. Through this article, I will let you know what impression I have received from this platform, and I will educate you to make a suitable decision. So without any further delay, let us begin this work to see what CryptoPayIn is offering.

A Full-Fledged Trading Platform

The trading platform of an exchange is the very first thing trader witnesses and experiences while starting his career. If you don’t know already about trading platforms, then let me help you. The trading software offered by an exchange that helps to make trades is called a trading platform. Recently, many exchanges have neglected or not given proper importance to trading platforms and are providing dull and bogus platforms. The platforms of such websites lag continuously, which creates frustration among traders. The options and display of these platforms feel outdated. That is why the overall trading experience of traders is ruined. But CryptoPayIn is quite the opposite because it is a professional exchange whose top priority is customers’ satisfaction rather than earning money. It has designed an interface that is very useful and easy to comprehend.

There are millions of traders in the world right now, but their mindset differs. Some like to receive advanced tools and graphs to achieve their targets and increase trading skills. On the other hand, some traders want a user-friendly platform that is easy to understand and use. It is certainly the duty of the exchanges to match the needs of both types of traders, and CryptoPayIn is doing its job in a professional manner. It is providing a platform that is loaded with amazing tools and graphs, which helps traders to understand the market trends and invest capital accordingly. To accommodate fresh traders and make trading easy for them, CryptoPayIn has kept its platform simple and easy that is why it is widely regarded as a user-friendly trading platform.

An important and modern tool worth mentioning here is the price converter tool of CryptoPayIn. This is a unique and one of its kind tool which was firstly introduced by CryptoPayIn. This useful tool helps to convert the crypto prices to Fiat currencies’ prices to give traders a rough idea of how much investment is needed. Other exchanges bombard the information without feeling the need to sort or dividing. But when you visit CryptoPayIn, you will notice that all information is presented in order. You will be allowed to use all features and services of this exchange because it is well organized.

The two important characteristics of cryptocurrency which made it so popular are its high margin of profits and convenience to buy and sell. In other forms of trading, traders are required to deal with different customers and suppliers, but in the case of cryptocurrency, this hurdle is also removed. CryptoPayIn has developed a platform that gives liberty to trade from any possible location. Whether you are watching TV at your home or chatting with your friends, you can trade easily by turning on your computer or laptop.

But it is not a surety that you will be present at your home always, sometimes you might be traveling forgetting your laptop at home. In this type of situation, a trader can face loss because online trading is a high-speed market where delays are considered a synonym of loss. In this market, the prices of assets change few times in a single day. That is why a trader must be prepared and ready at every time.

CryptoPayIn has solved this issue as well by developing mobile applications of its trading platform. It doesn’t matter which mobile brand do you use; whether it is built on iOS or Android, you can trade easily by downloading the optimized app of CryptoPayIn. Many traders believe that some features are compromised on mobile applications, but this is not the case with CryptoPayIn because all its features are available on the mobile application.

CryptoPayIn trading platform

Security Features

The world of computers and the internet is not completely safe. The Internet has made our life easier with its mesmerizing features, but somehow it has compromised the privacy of its users. During trading, some resources of traders are endangered by hackers. The most important asset of a trader is the money that he deposits to buy cryptocurrencies, and it should be safeguarded at any cost to protect it from stealing.

The second most important thing which deserves to be protected from leakage is the personal information of traders. Some people undermine its importance, but it is true because when traders get themselves registered on any platform, they are bound to provide their information to the exchange, or else they are denied access to the trading platform. This information collection is different on different platforms, but usually, they ask for name, address, and bank account details. This information can be used in many types of illegal activities if it is not kept safe. Regrettably, most of the platforms nowadays are compromising on the security of data and information. But CryptoPayIn is not chips of the same block, and in recent time it has proved itself as a trustable broker.

CryptoPayIn has made security its focus point and adopted a couple of important policies in this regard. In fact, it has not just adopted these policies but also implemented them with full vigor. These policies are known by the name of KYC and AML. KYC is an abridged form of Know Your Customer. According to this policy, the platform asks its traders to provide proof of residence and identity. It is essential because criminals don’t reveal their identity, and with this limitation, they remain away from the CryptoPayIn platform. They neither provide details nor do their registration complete. When a trader attempts to register himself on CryptoPayIn, he provides scanned copies of his national identity card or his driving license. He is also asked to submit recent utility bills to prove his residence address so that he can be found in case of need.

The second policy, AML, stands for Anti Money Laundering. This policy is used to stop illegal financial activities from happening on this platform. According to this policy, a record of transactions and deposits is maintained to know where the money came from and where it went. CryptoPayIn has adopted this policy as a standard feature.

Other than these policies, CryptoPayIn is using a state of the art encryption technology as well. This encryption creates passwords on all your information which becomes impossible to break. If information is protected by a single password, there is a possibility that some hackers may guess the password, which is the reason why CryptoPayIn stores data with many passwords on it. In this way, it becomes impossible to decode and access your information. If you are really concerned about security, then you don’t need to be upset anymore because CryptoPayIn is providing one of the most secure online trading platforms where you will receive proper security and satisfaction.

Deposit And Withdrawal Procedure

If you are completely acquainted with online trading, you would already know that trading involves two steps, depositing money in the right asset and withdrawing profit at the right time. With this in mind, we can say that making transactions is the most important element in online trading. Being a professional cryptocurrency exchange, CryptoPayIn offers its users different methods for transactions. It means that with this platform, you will be at liberty to choose the payment method which suits you most.

The available options on this platform are wire to wire transfer, credit card transfer, and direct bank account transfer. You will not have to think and worry about the procedure of investing and divesting money from one asset to another. With the option of withdrawal request on this platform, you will be allowed to withdraw your money and profits instantly, contrary to other platforms which take infinity to process your requests for withdrawals. If you worry a lot about transaction methods, then you need to stop because CryptoPayIn has taken this concern seriously.

Customer Support Section

The feature which makes a platform look different from others is its customer support service. The wise and experienced traders go for customer support service instead of a colorful and flamboyant deceptive platform. Unluckily, the majority of online platforms are not providing reliable customer support facilities to their customers. In this advanced era of innovation, customer support has become a necessity.

As you already know that in online trading, all the dealings and trades are performed over the internet. In fact, traders never meet personally with their exchanges and buyers. That is why they remain limited to use the internet. This is why in case of any error or flaw in computers’ hardware or software, reliable backup support is crucial. If a trader confronts any issue related to the trading platform or has any ambiguity which needs to be cleared, there should be a readily available customer support team to deal with it.

CryptoPayIn has designed a responsive customer support section that has a team consisting of traders who master in separate departments. It means that no matter which type of error or problem you face while trading, you will be provided help from the most relevant person. You can contact the customer support team through phone numbers as well as by sending an email. In both cases, you will be answered as soon as possible.

Final Words

If you are reading this final note, then it means that you have read all the features of this amazing exchange mentioned above. I conclude that now you will be in a position to make a suitable decision for yourself. Some other platforms also offer similar features, but CryptoPayIn is remarkable in every aspect. Now make a decision keeping an eye on all its features because I have left the decision on you.