United Talent Agency Signs Crypto Punks

United Talent Agency has agreed to represent NFT based projects in film, TV, video games, and publishing as well.  Soon crypto punks will become part of the big screen. NFT based crypto projects have opened a new market segment for the crypto world. From now on, NFT will become an essential part of the TV screens as well.

Some of the renowned and worldwide recognized personalities of non-fungible tokens (NFT)

The current strategic partnership United Talent Agency would represent and market the future NFT projects on film. TV, video games, and print media as well. Moreover, the mega entertainment agency will also feature the NFT brands such Meebits and Autoglyphs, two projects initiated by Larva Labs.

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However, CryptoPunks is the first NFT to feature on all the traditional forms of media.  The co-founder of Larva Labs, Matt Hall, told some of the resources that the current move would be beneficial to the whole NFT sector. One of the biggest concerns about the NFT is that NFT is a controversial sector. One of the primary reasons behind this is its decentralized and permissionless nature.

However, Larva Labs has adopted a much aggressive strategy to implement the protection of the company’s intellectual property rights. The company has also issued claims under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act protects corporate rights regarding digital media. It restricts copying and distributing digital content with copyright issues. The act works to strengthen the ease of doing business digitally by providing protection when it comes to content theft.

How the news about CryptoPunks and United Talent Agency’s agreement has spread rampantly in the market. The news attracted a strong reaction among the NFT observers’ community.  The move by United Talent Agency to sign CryptoPunks is a huge boost and just came after a week UTA signed Rally. Crypto experts said that this newly formed alliance between digital content creators and NFT powered groups would further help legitimize the crypto sector. NFT powered companies featuring in Hollywood would boost NFT based crypto-related services. Overall, it’s a good sign for the overall crypto market. The rapid emergence of crypto technologies can play a decisive role in the digital content creation process.

United talent agency buying CryptoPunks is not the first move of its kind. Some of the biggest Hollywood names are already working with crypto outlets to revolutionize the content market.  The representation of NFT projects in film, TV, video games, and publishing, will attract more and more people to join the NFT sector. The Crypto community has encouraged this development and written positively about it.