BitKeep Wallet Guide – All You Need To Know

There are a lot of different wallets present in the crypto market these days. Each of them has some specific features and advantages attached that make it distinct from the others. BitKeep is one such wallet that provides digital asset management services to traders worldwide.

The wallet has a number of additional features and services that could be utilized by the users, focuses mainly on the security of the assets, and also supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies available in the market.

Here is a detailed article that will explain to the readers the distinctive features of the wallet and the functions and services that it conveys to its customers all around the world.

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What is BitKeep?

BitKeep is a decentralized crypto wallet that operates on multiple chains. The wallet has a number of additional features that makes it superior to other crypto wallets in the market. Being a decentralized wallet, it allows the user not to reveal his identity. It helps him to stay anonymous and carry out the trade without being recognized easily.

Moreover, the user can opt for storing a wide range of assets from a number of different blockchains in the wallet at the same time. In addition to that, from about 65 different kinds of mainnets, the users are able to store about 220 million different types of tokens and coins. This is something not offered by most wallets in the market.

Almost about 6 million users all around the world are using BitKeep. The users can easily access the wallet as it can be downloaded conveniently on different operating systems and different devices, being a hot wallet. The wallet provides all the required services and features over a single platform.

In addition to storing the cryptocurrency, there are also some other extraordinary features provided by the wallet. These features may include a decentralized exchange (DEX), a BitKeep Launchpad, a marketplace to buy and sell nonfungible tokens (NFTs), a browser for decentralized apps (dApps), and many others.

It is essential to mention the security and reliability of the crypto storage system. BitKeep has a complete mechanism of a cryptosystem that is entirely functional and integrated with the firm.

This means that BitKeep is backed up by some of the strongest investing parties in the market. These parties may include GaoRong Capital, SevenX Ventures, A & T Capital, Dragonfly Capital, and a number of others. Moreover, there is an extended list too that contains the names of many BitKeep partners in the market. These may include Solana, Elrond, Polygon, and several more.

How Could BitKeep be Used?

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In order to use the unique features that are offered by the BitKeep wallet, one has to download the application and get it installed on his device so that he can use some of the unique features of the decentralized platform. One can use the BitKeep wallet on the desktop browser extension or on any kind of mobile phone, may it be android or iOS.

The wallet is usually used more over mobile phones by users as it is supported on all kinds of phones; however, here we will discuss its usage over the Chrome extension. This is the only way that one can use the wallet on his desktop system. Here are some simple steps that can be followed by the user to use the BitKeep wallet.

Step 1: First of all, the user needs to visit the official site of the BitKeep wallet. As scams and fake websites have increased in number, it is very important to notice that the original website has been accessed by the user. The user should double-check before proceeding with the process further.

Step 2: After that, the user has to open the home page of the website. There at the top right corner, he will see the option of “Download”. It has to be clicked, then.

Step 3: The next step is to choose between the option of Chrome extension, Android wallet, or iOS wallet. When the user selects the option of chrome extension, he will see a button that is located at the bottom of the page. It will direct the user to the page of the Chrome Web Store. This will further help him to add the wallet extension to the browser being used.

Step 4: After adding the extension of the wallet to the browser extension, one has to open it by clicking it. It will ask for the creation of a new wallet in case one does not have any or to import an already existing one. The user has to choose the first option.

Step 5: After that, the blockchain networks called mainnets are to be chosen by the user. One has to opt for the network that he wants to keep inside his wallet. As a beginner, one may find this procedure perplexing, but it not really is.

In case one is not sure about what to choose, he may look for the most trending and topnotch mainnets and go for them. This will allow one to transfer any type of tokens he wants to the wallet, such as TRX, ETH, etc.

Step 6: Backing up your wallet is the next important step that has to be completed. One will require a seed phrase comprising 12 words for it. It is essential that one may store that phrase somewhere safe with him to avoid any mishappening in the future. The seed phrase should be written at some safe place for this purpose.

One should keep in mind that the seed phrase is the only method by which the crypto in the wallet can be retrieved. In case one loses it, it may result in permanent loss of the crypto funds too.

Step 7: At the end, one needs to create a password to protect his account. One should make sure that it is a complicated one and cannot be guessed easily by anyone.

The steps that are to be followed for the BitKeep wallet creation are straightforward and standard ones and can be quickly followed by the user who has created their accounts on some other wallets. In addition to that, the BitKeep platform also helps users in the creation of accounts by guiding them through proper explanations.

How Could Crypto be Transferred To/From BitKeep?

After creating the BitKeep wallet, the user needs to connect it to the official website of his project. This will help him in accessing the distinctive features of the platform, such as the NFT marketplace, the BitKeep airdrops, the BitKeep exchange, and many more.

However, to carry out the transaction of crypto into the wallet, it is not necessary to integrate it with the site of the project. But one should do it to enjoy the services provided by the platform. Here are some simple steps to be followed to do that.

Step 1: One can see the big purple icon termed “Connect Wallet” on the homepage of the BitKeep official website. It can be easily located at the top right corner of the screen.

Step 2: After clicking the icon, one would observe that a pop-up would appear. This will ask the user to choose the network that he wants to connect to the wallet. In case one wants to transfer the ETH tokens into his wallet, he has to connect to the Ethereum network in order to do so.

He has to just pick the option of Ethereum from the given list and choose the connect option to proceed.

Now in case one wants to transfer funds from another wallet into your wallet, he has to go back to the wallet extension at the start. There he is supposed to choose the ETH option. There are three buttons that can be seen at the bottom of the wallet tab after choosing ETH.

These will be allocated with the options of sending, receiving, or swapping Ether. The further steps that are to be followed are mentioned below.

Step 1: The user has to choose the option of “Received”. There will appear a QR scan code of the wallet is on the screen of the user. In addition to that, the actual wallet address of the user can also be seen at the bottom. The user has to copy it by clicking on it.

Step 2: Now the account from which the funds have to be transferred is to be accessed now. It may be a wallet or an exchange account, or any other owner of the holding that has ETH coins in it. From that account, the user can send the required amount of ETH into the BitKeep wallet.

Before confirming, it is essential for the user to check twice or thrice if the wallet address that is entered is correct. Before sending a huge amount of funds, it is better to carry out a test for a smaller transaction to be on the safer side.

Step 3: After selecting the amount of the currency, the user has to wait for a specific time to get the transition registered and approved. The amount of time required will depend on the type of cryptocurrency one chooses.

After a few minutes, the funds can be seen in the BitKeep wallet of the user. If one has used BitKeep or any wallet in the past, he must be aware of the fact that it is a relatively strenuous process to transfer funds from one wallet to another.

Several steps have to be followed before the completion of the process. These steps include multiple verifications, checking procedures, choosing options, ensuring the tokens to be sent are integrated with the correct network, and confirmation processes.

However, the wallet that is being used to carry out the transactions makes the process relatively easier by providing convenient additional services to the traders and investors, and BitKeep is one of them.

How Could Cryptocurrencies be Exchanged on BitKeep Swap?

Now the crypto of the users is stored in a wallet that has not broken any law or agreement in the past four years and has been successfully operating in the crypto space. The main reason that the users would have found BitKeep useful is hodling. But in case one wants to swap the cryptocurrencies simply, and in a fast manner, he can use the BitKeep exchange feature.

The BitKeep wallet utilizes the decentralized exchange functionality of the wallet. Using this feature, all the trades have to go through it, and the identity of the user will not be revealed. In order to trade crypto on BitKeep exchange, one has to follow specific simple steps.

Step 1: Firstly, the user needs to move back to the interface of the main wallet. There exists a “Swap” option that could be located under the option of gas fee in the middle of the screen.

Click on this option. Moreover, the user can also look at the type of cryptocurrency he desires to trade. After choosing it, he has to click the “Swap” option again. It entirely depends on the convenience of the user and which step he wants to take first.

Step 2: After this step, the user has reached the swapping interface. This is the place where trade is performed. This can be understood by the example in case the user has ETH in his wallet. He wants to carry out trade with ETH. He does not need to do anything in the first step. Here he has to just enter the amount that is required to be swapped.

Then he has to select the token that he wants to exchange his ETH with. There would be many different options available to him to choose from. The user can simply select the required one or search for it in the search bar.

Step 3: The next step is to check if all the transaction details, such as the amount, the token, etc., that are entered by the user are correct. There are a number of advanced features present too at the bottom that could facilitate the user even more. These may include the deadline of the transaction, the slippage percentage, etc.

Step 4: After cross-checking all the details, the user has to then submit his transaction. This will give rise to several pop-ups appearing on your screen that will confirm each and every detail entered by the user. The user has to then enter his wallet password in order to complete the swap process.

Step 5: In case the transaction is successful, the amount of the currency that has been selected to be swapped will be then removed from the wallet. The other crypto token to which the currency has been swapped stays safe and sound. Now they have to be shifted to the wallet.

Step 6: In the home screen of the wallet, near the search currency option, the user can see the “+” button.

Step 7: This is the step where the name of the currency that has been now acquired needs to be added. It can then be added to the wallet after finding it.

Step 8: The user can now see the newly acquired tokens in the home screen of the wallet, and the total balance is now updated.

One can simply see that the crypto trading process is simple and easy. Only the step that might take some time is the addition of tokens into your wallet.

Features Offered by BitKeep

As already mentioned before, there are several useful features that are offered by the BitKeep wallet, such as the NFT market, Launchpad, BitKeep exchange, DApp browser, etc. All these features are more accessible to be accessed on mobile phones of all types than on the Chrome extension.

The browser for decentralized applications can be accessed through the official website of BitKeep or the application of the wallet installed in the mobile phone.

This browser will provide a wide range of applications to the users that may include Defi, NFTs, airdrops, etc. Moreover, it also provides the user to make a way to the trading procedure by leading them to different exchanges, borrowing, and much more.

The user will be led to the official website of the wallet application every time automatically. He may find out various options and use the decentralized applications at his convenience.

Moreover, the wallet also provides the option of trading nonfungible tokens to traders that can also be stored by them in their wallets. The BitKeep Launchpad also provides the facility to the users of using the “Swap” option on their mobile application.

In addition to that, the user may also find more projects where he can invest his crypto in the future, and they can be integrated into the wallet too.


BitKeep has been providing several remarkable features to its user and is constantly gaining hype in the crypto market. It is one of the best-known crypto wallets, mostly known for its top-tier features and services. It provides a reliable and trustworthy storage solution to traders, especially beginners in the market.