Binance Stable Coin Will Support Web-3 Blockchain Games

The BNX token for the crypto-based game BinaryX created by Binance corporation has dropped more than fifty percent within the last week, since reaching the highest level of one hundred and seventy-five dollars in the last decade.

Due to its strict management of the trend, the Binance token has risen by ten times during 2022. 

The new collaboration and stable coin statistics

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A statement by the Binance crypto-coin engineers, numerous clients have given up using BNX LP pairs on Pancakeswap in the last 24 hours.

The engineers making the sale were one of the claims. The official Twitter account for the altcoin BinaryX Token (BNX) also released the following statement in relation to this matter.

It was written that the Binance team is presently concentrating on careful planning and $BNX buybacks. 

The market graph shows that the Binance token was on an ascent last month.

The bull market’s resistance level at $123.1 is likely to be broken by BNX if this pattern holds. Investors may become disinterested in the cryptocurrency as a result, and the BNX price may continue to decline, moving to a bearish state. 

Game developers receive aid from Binance

The BNX ecosystem has an estimated one hundred and ninety-six million dollars in market value overall, according to data from CoinMarketCap.

It has a total supply of 21,000,000 BNX coins, but only 2,784,800 of those coins are currently in use.

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The ecosystem’s native coin is called BinaryX ($BNX). All goods and games that utilize DAO and $BNX are a part of this ecosystem.

Despite Binance Labs’ backing, the game’s creator’s identity is a mystery. Still, in September 2022, BinaryX will release CyberChess, an Autochess-inspired auto battler strategy game.

CyberChess has a stronger structure, more playability, and perfect mechanics than any other game BinaryX has ever made.

This is demonstrated by offering more qualified assets to help engineers who are facing challenges.

With these NFTs, a player can trade land and castles in the metaverse and blockchain-based games while also mining, playing, and taking part in PvP matches, and more.