Binance Revolutionizes Security by Allowing Traders to Secure Collateral at Banks

Key Insights:

  • Binance explores partnerships with trusted banks to enhance security measures for institutional clients’ trading collateral.
  • The tri-party agreement proposed by Binance aims to offer added security and liquidity for institutional clients.
  • Binance considers innovative approaches allowing bank deposits as collateral, potential investment opportunities, and regulatory challenges.

Binance, a renowned player in the cryptocurrency exchange realm, is actively exploring avenues to meet the rising demand for enhanced security measures following the recent downfall of FTX. Insider sources have disclosed that Binance is contemplating a strategic approach to assist its institutional clients in protecting their trading collateral by establishing partnerships with trusted financial institutions, including FlowBank, based in Switzerland, and Bank Frick, located in Liechtenstein.

In the wake of substantial trading losses incurred due to FTX’s collapse, Binance, a prominent cryptocurrency exchange, is making decisive efforts to mitigate counterparty risk for its institutional clientele. The proposed solution from the exchange offers a fresh perspective by enabling select professional clients to secure their trading collateral with banks, thus diversifying their risk exposure beyond the confines of the cryptocurrency platform.

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To implement this service, Binance reportedly discusses with potential intermediaries, such as FlowBank, based in Switzerland, and Bank Frick, in Liechtenstein. The involvement of these reputable financial institutions serves as a testament to Binance’s commitment to strengthening security measures and fostering trust among its institutional client base. However, the precise details of these partnerships remain undisclosed.

Reinforcing Liquidity: The Impact of Tri-Party Agreements

The proposed arrangement introduces an additional layer of protection through the implementation of tri-party agreements, ensuring enhanced safeguarding of client funds held at partner banks. Under this framework, Binance would utilize stablecoins as collateral for margin trading, effectively bolstering liquidity and expanding the platform’s operational capabilities. This innovative approach empowers Binance’s institutional clients to use their bank deposits as collateral for spot and futures trading activities.

Furthermore, customer deposits held at partner banks could be invested in money market funds, allowing clients to earn interest on their promises. This investment avenue lets clients offset their borrowing costs associated with cryptocurrencies on the Binance platform. By offering this enticing financial incentive, Binance aims to amplify its value proposition for institutional investors and attract a broader range of participants to its platform.

In a recent appearance on the Bankless Podcast, Binance’s CEO Changpeng Zhao shed light on the exchange’s overarching vision, emphasizing that the plans are still in the deliberation phase and subject to potential modifications. CZ divulged that Binance had contemplated acquiring a bank to transform it into a cryptocurrency-friendly financial institution. However, he underscored that the feasibility of such an endeavor is considerably more complex than the initial conceptualization.

CZ elaborated that the acquisition of a bank would be bound by the regulations and requirements of the specific jurisdiction in which the targeted bank operates. He highlighted the complex challenges associated with adhering to regulatory frameworks and navigating multiple jurisdictions, acknowledging that acquiring and converting a bank into a crypto-friendly entity entails significant obstacles.


Binance actively explores enabling institutional clients to secure trading collateral with partner banks. This strategic move exemplifies Binance’s dedication to addressing counterparty risk concerns and fortifying security measures. Ongoing discussions with potential partners like FlowBank and Bank Frick aim to instill greater confidence among clients while opening avenues for earning interest on deposits. It is crucial to note that the proposal remains subject to refinement, and Binance’s CEO acknowledges the complexities involved in a bank acquisition. The industry eagerly anticipates further updates on these compelling developments.

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