AceFx Pro Review – Top Reasons to Sign Up With This Broker

AceFx Pro Review


Read our AceFx Pro review and learn why we recommend AceFx Pro for online trading. This trading platform is managed by a trustworthy brokerage firm which has thousands of active traders from around the globe.

AceFx Pro Review

AceFx Pro logoHave you heard the talk surrounding cryptocurrencies? They are the hottest discussion topics nowadays, particularly because of the success they have been enjoying, while other markets have been suffering due to the global pandemic.

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Cryptocurrency trading and investing is at its peak and many are searching for platforms that can be used for this purpose. If you are in the same category, you have come across many names, including AceFx Pro. It appears to be a reasonable option, but why should you consider it over others? You can check out this AceFx Pro review to find the top reasons to opt for this platform.

Doing so can certainly put your mind at ease because you will not be diving in without proper knowledge. If you do that, there is a possibility you could end up making a mistake and this will set you back significantly. If the platform is lacking in any features that you might want, or is a shady option, it could make things difficult for you.

While AceFx Pro has undoubtedly become a popular option and is catering to traders all over the globe and of different backgrounds, it is still vital that you know why it is a solid choice. Ready to find out? You can check out some of the reasons to consider it below:

The Cryptocurrencies at AceFx Pro

If there is one reason that you should prioritize AceFx Pro over other brokers in the market, it is their range of crypto offerings. It is understood that people are interested in crypto trading in order to earn maximum returns and this can be accomplished in a better way when you are able to diversify your crypto investment.

Doing so can help in mitigating some of the risks associated with these digital currencies due to their volatility. As every cryptocurrency’s profit potential varies, as well as its volatility and you can balance it out by spreading out your capital.

However, not every platform will give you the room to do so, due to which you should know exactly what you are committing to and if you will be able to fulfill your goals. AceFx Pro has made it easy for everyone to join the crypto space due to their extensive crypto offerings.

You have the top crypto options available like Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum and you can also go with some other choices like Stellar, Monero, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Ripple and Cardano. In fact, even De-Fi tokens have been added to the mix and this can lead to a powerful and profitable portfolio.

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AceFx Pro website

The Account Options at AceFx Pro

These days, when you want to use any online service, you have to open an account with them and the same is true for brokers. As most platforms are catering to traders of different skill levels, they provide a couple of account options, so people can opt for the one they feel comfortable using. Most usually offer two to three choices, which aren’t that flexible.

Here you will find AceFx Pro to be a bit different because their options are a bit more flexible and diverse. You will find five options available, each of which is created for a specific category of trader/investor.

The Mini account comes first and is better for newcomers in the crypto space, with minimum deposit requirement of 0.3 BTC. It has basic features like 25% margin loan, daily news, account manager, trading webinar and weekly market review.

A step up is called the Silver account and this one has been made for beginner traders, so the minimum deposit is 1 BTC. In-depth research, analyst sessions, daily market review, daily market signals, portfolio construction and 35% margin loan is given here. AceFx Pro’s third option is for intermediate traders and is known as Gold.

It needs a minimum deposit of 5 BTC and comes with 50% margin loan, personal broker, daily session with market analyst and weekly live stream trading webinar. Skilled and advanced traders can go for the Diamond account, which asks for 10 BTC deposit.

The leverage goes up to 1:300 in this account, margin loan is 75% and invitation to VIP events and managed portfolio are some of the perks. The last account option offered by AceFx Pro is called VIP and this is for professional and VIP traders.

Thus, it is not possible to directly sign up for this account and certain requirements have to be met in order to qualify for it. You get 1:400 leverage, wealth manager, customized education, super tight spreads and all other features that are available on the AceFx Pro platform.

The Trading Platform at AceFx Pro

AceFx Pro trading platform

If there is one aspect of a broker that determines its long-term success, it is their trading platform. This refers to the software available for trading, which means you use it for monitoring the market and executing your trades.

Any lags, delays or errors cannot be tolerated because even a slight movement in the market can have a big impact on your bottom line. Every company is free to offer whatever platform they deem fit, so you should beforehand what you will be able to use. As far as AceFx Pro is concerned, they have developed their own web trading platform for their clients.

Rather than going with existing options in the market, they have chosen to provide one of their own making, which uses state-of-the-art technology to deliver superior trade execution. Despite the advanced tech, the platform’s simplicity is second to none due to its intuitive user-interface. The goal is to make it easy to use for every trader, regardless of their experience.

Plus, it has also been equipped with sophisticated and innovative trading tools by AceFx Pro in order to assist traders in making the most of their trading. With no downloading required and tools like live charts, price alerts, trading signals and market analysis available, you can trade with complete flexibility and ease.

Bottom Line

The robust security, prompt customer support, easy registration and array of deposit and withdrawal methods have made AceFx Pro a great choice for anyone looking to trade cryptocurrencies.