Zethan Launches Innovative Gaming Ecosystem Powered by Zethanx NFTs and Zksync

Key Insights:

  • Zethan revolutionizes gaming with an NFT-powered ecosystem.
  • Earn $ZETH and NFT rewards in action-packed Zethan games.
  • Zethan bridges gaming and blockchain, redefining user experiences.

In a landmark move for the gaming and blockchain industries, the eagerly awaited Zethan project has finally launched, bringing together the worlds of Web3 and gaming. This next-generation gaming ecosystem, powered by Zethanx NFTs on Zksync, is set to redefine the gaming landscape with its native token, user-oriented marketplace, NFTs, and action-packed games.

With the release of the first title, Alien Raid, Zethan has successfully captured the imagination of gamers and blockchain enthusiasts worldwide. Further building on this excitement are two more thrilling games on the horizon: Ulam Runner and Zapper Attack.

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Zethan Games Bring Thrills and Rewards to Players

Alien Raid, a gripping game of alien invasion and interstellar defense, sets the tone for what’s to come. Ulam Runner, a 3D Web3 game, places players in an exciting race across diverse landscapes, overcoming challenges and collecting rewards. Zapper Attack promises a thrilling experience as players complete dangerous missions, employ advanced weaponry, and earn rewards in this unique gaming ecosystem.

In these games, players earn $ZETH, both the native token and in-game currency. Besides its utility in the gaming ecosystem, $ZETH can be traded on exchanges for profit. The total supply of $ZETH is capped at 100 million, adding an element of exclusivity. In addition, 25% of the monthly treasury revenue will be used to buy back $ZETH from the open market and burn it, thus enhancing its value.

Zethanx NFTs: The Exciting Digital Assets of the Zethan Ecosystem

Adding another layer of appeal to the Zethan project are the Zethanx NFTs. As digital assets that generate yields, these NFTs were minted by early Zethan project supporters. Owners of Zethanx NFTs will receive guaranteed rewards worth 2,200 $ZETH or more, depending on the rarity of the NFT.

The NFTs are not just for holding; owners can rent them out on the Zethan Marketplace for additional income. Moreover, the NFT holders are entitled to an equitable share of 30% of the project’s revenue, further enhancing their appeal.

Collaborations with Major Players Ensure a Rich Gaming Experience

In a strategic move to enhance its gaming offerings and facilitate seamless NFT and token transactions, Zethan has partnered with industry heavyweights like Xearndao, SyncSwap, GGslayer game, Dataverseos, AlienswapNFT, Zkdx, and Tyche protocol. These collaborations promise an enriching gaming experience and a robust reward system.

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As Zethan continues to grow and innovate, it has been confirmed that revenue will be utilized for future development, collaborations, and marketing. The word-of-mouth promotion is already working in its favor given the massive initial response.

For gamers and blockchain enthusiasts alike, Zethan offers an unprecedented combination of thrilling gameplay, rewarding experiences, and an active role in the project’s governance. As such, this ecosystem represents a significant step forward in integrating gaming and blockchain technologies.

In conclusion, Zethan’s innovative gaming ecosystem powered by Zethanx NFTs and Zksync opens a new frontier of thrilling gameplay, rewarding experiences, and blockchain integration, setting the stage for the future of gaming.