YouTube Channels are Reportedly Being Hacked by Hackers for Scams Related to Cryptocurrencies

According to the latest reports, the Threat Analysis Group (TAG) at Google has publicly shared a shocking report. In the report, the Threat Analysis Group from Google has revealed a new kind of scam being run by hackers.

The TAG has revealed that currently, a phishing campaign has been waged by hackers and scammers against the YouTube creators. As a result of these hacks, the channels of the famous content creators on YouTube are being hacked and sold off.

Once acquired, the hackers are using these channels to their benefit. They are either running broadcasts on these channels on their own. Otherwise, they are selling them off to other scammers who want to achieve the same goal depriving crypto-users of their funds.

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According to the report from TAG, these activities have been taking place for a while and many channels on YouTube have already been compromised due to these breaches.

In the report, the TAG has pointed out a hackers’ network from Russian or at the least, Russian language speaking hackers on a particular forum. The forum is being used by hackers for the negotiations and sales of the YouTube channels.

One of the major tricks being adopted by the hackers on the particular forum is that they offer the true owners of YouTube channels an opportunity to collaborate. In order to gain more popularity and viewership, the YouTubers go ahead and accept the collaboration offer.

Soon, the hackers make their dark desires known once they have hijacked the channel of the YouTubers. They sell the accounts off to scammers who then use these channels to lure the subscribers of the particular channels. This way, the hackers are doing a lot of damage to the cryptocurrency community. This way, the hackers are also posing a huge threat on YouTube as it may end up losing its viewership due to the scammers. The hackers are known to be selling the YouTube channels to the scammers who place the highest bids.

The TAG has revealed that in order to allow the scammers to carry out their live-streaming scams, the hackers are reportedly rebranding the channels. According to TAG’s report, the hackers have been reportedly selling the channels off at prices ranging from $3 to $4k. The prices of the channels are being decided on the number of subscribers that a channel has.

The report reveals that the hackers have been using the channels with the help of cookie theft malware. It is fake software that reportedly runs in the background of a victim’s operating system. The malware runs in the victim’s operating system without them having any knowledge of it.