XRP Attorney Reveals Ripple’s Game-Changing Celebration Plans

Key Insights:

  • XRP holders eagerly await Ripple’s Proper Party celebration and announcements.
  • Attorney John Deaton dismisses SEC settlement speculation.
  • Legal maneuvers, insights, and anticipation mark a new chapter for Ripple and the XRP community.

As anticipation grows for the upcoming Ripple Proper Party celebration, XRP holders are abuzz with speculation about potential announcements from the company. This event marks a significant milestone, celebrating Ripple’s partial victory in the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) lawsuit. 

The recent ruling deemed the programmatic sale of XRP to retail buyers as not securities, prompting excitement within the XRP community. While attendees prepare for the festivities on September 29, 2023, the legal landscape surrounding Ripple’s future remains a topic of interest.

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Ripple Proper Party’s Prominence and Implications

The Ripple Proper Party, an eagerly anticipated celebration following the recent Summary Judgment in the SEC lawsuit, has become a focal point for XRP holders. The judgment’s outcome was pivotal, influencing both traders and institutional investors. CEO Brad Garlinghouse’s announcement of the event underscored the significance of the ruling and its implications for Ripple’s operations. 

The company has already begun re-establishing partnerships with U.S.-based clients for its payments software, signaling a new era for the enterprise.

John Deaton’s Insights on Ripple’s Future

John Deaton, a notable attorney representing the XRP token holder community, has shared insights on what to expect from Ripple in the aftermath of the celebration. Contrary to speculations of a potential settlement announcement with the SEC, Deaton believes such an occurrence is unlikely. 

He explains that any settlement hinges on ongoing Coinbase vs. SEC lawsuit developments. Additionally, Deaton dismisses the possibility of a Ripple IPO announcement due to the SEC’s ongoing actions against the company. The regulator’s pursuit of permanent injunctions against Ripple’s institutional XRP sales and leadership would likely hinder IPO approval.

Ripple’s Legal Maneuvers and Implications

In a surprising turn within the SEC lawsuit, Ripple executives Brad Garlinghouse and Chris Larsen have opposed the SEC’s motion to certify an interlocutory appeal.

John Deaton highlights a significant argument within Ripple’s filing, shedding light on the SEC’s stance regarding the Howey test and digital assets’ classification. This argument challenges the necessity of an interlocutory appeal, a viewpoint shared by other legal experts such as Fred Rispoli. Deaton and Rispoli believe that Judge Torres is inclined to deny the SEC’s motion, considering the prevailing legal analysis favoring Ripple.

A New Chapter for Ripple and XRP Holders

As the Ripple Proper Party approaches, excitement continues to build within the XRP community. The event symbolizes more than just a legal victory; it represents a turning point for Ripple’s relationship with its stakeholders. Amidst ongoing legal maneuvers and interpretations of regulatory actions, XRP holders and industry observers eagerly await Ripple’s next steps. The celebration in New York City will begin a new chapter as Ripple navigates the evolving landscape of the digital asset industry.

The Ripple Proper Party commemorates the company’s recent legal triumph, fostering optimism and expectations within the XRP holder community. Attorney John Deaton’s insights offer valuable perspectives on the company’s potential moves, while Ripple’s legal strategies continue to shape the trajectory of the ongoing legal battle. With the event on the horizon, stakeholders eagerly await Ripple’s announcements and initiatives that will undoubtedly impact the company’s future and the broader digital asset space.

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