Vitalik Buterin’s X Account Hacked, Victims Lose Over $691K

Key Insights:

  • Vitalik Buterin’s hacked X account led to a $691,000 scam involving a fake NFT link.
  • Public opinion is divided on whether Buterin’s poor op-sec or external factors are to blame.
  • Ethereum’s market value dipped to $1,631, though the direct impact of the hack is unclear.

September 10, 2023 – Ethereum’s co-founder, Vitalik Buterin, experienced a security breach on his social media account on platform X (formerly known as Twitter), leading to a scam that tricked users into parting with over $691,000. The hack involving a malicious link falsely promoting a free NFT has ignited debates around online security, particularly involving high-value assets like NFT collections.

How the Scam Unfolded

According to reports, the hacker accessed Vitalik Buterin’s X account and posted a malicious link, falsely claiming it to offer a free commemorative non-fungible token (NFT). Victims were further enticed to connect their wallets to this link, which led to the draining of their funds. 

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Based on the news, one of the victims claimed to have lost a significant portion of their CryptoPunk NFT collection. As of the time of publication, the floor price for a CryptoPunk NFT stands at 46.99 Ether, approximately equivalent to $76,837.

Fake Post Deleted

On the other hand, Dmitry Buterin, Vitalik’s father, took action to announce the breach by saying;

“Disregard this post, apparently Vitalik has been hacked. He is working on restoring access.”

The original malicious post, made to look like it came from Buterin himself, has since been deleted. It falsely claimed to celebrate the arrival of “Proto-Danksharding coming to Ethereum.”

Opinions on social media are divided regarding the incident. While some blame Buterin for poor operational security (op-sec), others argue that his high profile makes him a likely target for specialized attacks. One user on X stated that Vitalik should take accountability for his poor operational security and compensate those affected.

In contrast, ZachXBT, a blockchain investigator, took issue with the assertion that Buterin was solely to blame. 

“You do not know yet whether it was a SIM swap. Vitalik is a big enough target to where an insider could have been paid off, or a panel was used,” he said.

The comment alludes to the possibility of sophisticated hacking methods that could be employed against high-profile individuals like Buterin.

The Ethereum market seems to have also felt the ripple effects of the recent news. As I pen this article, Ethereum (ETH) trades at $1,631. However, the true extent to which this dip in value is connected to the security breach remains a puzzle.


The hacking of Vitalik Buterin’s X account, leading to more than $691K in losses for his followers, marks a significant turning point for the crypto community. It underlines the vulnerabilities that even high-profile figures like Buterin are susceptible to. 

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Moreover, the incident sparks questions about personal accountability and underscores systemic vulnerabilities in an exponentially growing industry. While some may view this event as a reason to be skeptical of digital assets, it also serves as an urgent wake-up call, emphasizing the importance of robust security protocols.