Vitalik Buterin Donates $4 Million Worth Of USDC To UNSW

Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum, has donated up to $4M in USDC (USD Coin) to the UNSW (University of New South Wales) for the support of a pandemic detection device’s development. The amount which is equal to nearly 5.3M Australian dollars, is included in the anti-COVID endeavor of Buterin named Balvi Filantropic Fund in collaboration with the SHIB (the meme coin project of Shiba Inu) as well as Crypto Relief.

The respective funds will additionally support the growth of the EPIWATCH tool (which is based on OISNT) using AI (artificial intelligence) as well as open-source data for the creation of early pandemic cautionary signs. Developed on the behalf of Raina MacIntyre (the head of Biosecurity Research as well as a professor at Kirby Institute), the instrument goes through millions of entries of the openly accessible online data, taking into account news reports and social media to identify any modifications that could cater the growing health worries.

Buterin focused on the significance of dissemination of data across an open and decentralized manner to accelerate pandemic identification. In his words, open examination of open data counts to be an adequate substitute for additionally intrusive monitoring methods, which are additionally most of the time just accessible to authorities as well as the rest of the high bidders nonetheless not available to the common people.

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On the contrary, he added, an open-access and open-source method that permits the researchers, taking into account the public participants, to operate cooperatively throughout the globe can be advanced in a relatively more easy way along with scaling as well as detecting the latest pandemics wherever they start. The allocation of the funding will be for the uniquely named OSINT (Open-Source Intelligence) Initiative which is based on Shiba Inu and driven by the Kirby Institute of UNSW.

MacIntyre mentioned that the concept was to make the instrument available at an open scale as well as to guarantee that it encompasses sufficient languages so that the people belonging to small towns and villages would also be facilitated. As per her, the vision for developing the respective product is to nip the spread of COVID-19 without its spread across the globe.

By utilizing the actual open-source data and artificial intelligence, there is no need for EPIWATCH to be reliant on reports made by the people. That is how the problems created by censorship as well as faulty health systems would be easily overcome.