Video Game Publisher Bandai Namco Intends To Build Its Own Metaverse

Popular Japanese video game publisher, Bandai Namco has recently released information about their new Metaverse project.

In hopes of maintaining a better sense of communication with its customer base and providing more in-depth information about its new projects in the coming years, Bandai Namco is working hard to maintain its relevance in the digital entertainment industry.

Community Building

According to the information shared, this huge new Metaverse project is expected to be worth around $130Million in value. The main goal of setting up a project like this is to develop new communities, mostly consisting of fans and people that are interested in the company’s upcoming endeavors.

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With the development of these new communities, Bandai Namco will then come up with long-term and sophisticated frameworks, while also including premium connections. By utilizing such tactics, the company hopes to boost the value of the intellectual property (IP) in the coming times.

IP Development and Value Boost

As the company has now committed to invest a lot in the development of its new IP and making the IP metaverse a reality, it will surely help brands related to Bandai Namco to communicate a lot better with their respective fans. Bandai Namco have shared that the Metaverse will enable new kinds of entertainment-based experiences for its fans and provide insights to frameworks that will help Bandai Namco develop connections between physical and digital spaces.

Bandai Namco thinks that this new project is very crucial for the company and as it progresses forward, utilizing different business strategies, it highlights the importance of this new concept of virtual spaces.

Known for its iconic IPs such as, Dark Souls, Tekken, Anime games and many more, the company hopes to provide their fan bases a new and unique experience of connection. With the company aiming to skyrocket its IP value, it expects nearly $216Million worth of additional investment to be made in the coming time, bringing forth a new way of IP development and technological advancement.

Logo Change


Highlighting its move towards a new phase, Bandai Namco had revealed its new logo last year, but that has now experienced some changes as designers add a bright new red color to the speech bubble design and according to them, the new logo will be released in the coming month of April, with the launch of the company’s new initiatives.