Unveiling Crypto’s Game-Changing Categories to Watch in the Next Bull Run

Key Insights:

  • Solana killers, layer two solutions, decentralized storage, decentralized ID, and DeFi are vital categories to watch in the crypto market.
  • These categories offer growth opportunities and potential for innovation but also face challenges such as regulation and security.
  • They can shape the crypto industry’s future and contribute to the next bullish cycle.

This year, the cryptocurrency market has experienced significant volatility, primarily driven by Bitcoin (BTC) and a select group of major altcoins. However, several alternative cryptocurrencies currently need help to maintain their value. Nonetheless, a recent Coin Bureau video recommends diligent monitoring of particular cryptocurrency categories in preparation for the imminent bullish market surge.

Bullish Cycle: Categories Shaping Crypto’s Destiny

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One important category to watch is labeled as the “Solana killers.” These cryptocurrencies, such as Near Protocol, Aptoide OS, and Sui, aim to rival Solana’s impressive adoption rates and secure its position as the third-most valuable cryptocurrency after Bitcoin and Ethereum. If Solana thrives, these alternative projects may also see significant growth opportunities.

The realm of layer two solutions on Ethereum presents a fascinating landscape. Platforms like Arbitrum and Metis deliver swift and economic transactions challenging other layer-one alternatives. Despite the fierce competition among layer two ecosystems, their growth potential remains substantial. These solutions offer comparable transaction speeds and costs while leveraging the inherent security of the Ethereum blockchain, promising a bright future.

The realm of decentralized storage emerges as a promising category worth close attention. Leading cryptocurrencies such as Filecoin and Arweave present innovative solutions for on-chain data storage, tackling the pressing need for decentralization amid numerous layer one and layer two solutions relying on centralized cloud storage. Although decentralized storage may incur higher costs, the growing demand for data storage within the crypto sphere is anticipated to fuel the expansion of these digital currencies.

Within decentralization, Decentralized ID (DID) occupies its unique space. Vital players such as Civic, Quilt Protocol, Clarus, and Polygon’s foray into DID development lay the foundation for the future of cryptocurrency applications. DID can revolutionize decentralized borrowing, lending, crypto payments, and governance systems. Nevertheless, the demand for DID cryptocurrencies might face challenges from regulatory compliance and the competition posed by projects like Ethereum Name Service.

The category of decentralized finance (DeFi) is a crucial area to monitor and ranks high on the list. DeFi includes multiple protocols, including lending and borrowing platforms like Aave, decentralized exchanges like Uniswap, and stablecoins like Abracadabra’s Magic Internet Money (MIM). It aims to replace traditional financial institutions with a projected market value worth trillions of dollars. Yet, it faces several obstacles, such as regulatory issues and vulnerability to cyberattacks, that must be addressed.


With the ever-changing crypto market, these categories are poised to impact shaping the future of the next bullish cycle profoundly. They will usher in fresh prospects and present novel challenges that will dominate the forefront of the industry.