Umarkets Review – Can You Trust This Broker? (

Umarkets Review


In our Umarkets review today we will explain to you why we think that Umarkets is NOT a scam and why we DO recommend the broker for online trading. Umarkets has added its web terminal, which is available for multiple devices, including mobile devices, which gives you a lot of flexibility.

Umarkets Review

umarkets logoIn case you do not know already, online trading has become quite a popular endeavor and more and more people have started showing interest in it. The first set up you have to take though is identify the right trading platform and sign up with them. Choosing such an online platform can be tricky as there are many trading firms operating in the market. So which one do you go for?

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I would like to recommend the Umarkets trading platform for its useful features and strong reputation in the trading world. This is Umarkets review of its top features which will help you better understand why you should choose Umarkets over any other trading establishment online.

Algo Trading

Are you familiar with Algo trading? It is a new feature supported by Umarkets and has proven to be very convenient for online traders worldwide. How it works is that you provide a computer program a set of instructions which it then uses to place trades on your behalf. Your role is to just provide the instructions and then you can sit back while the algorithm does the trading for you. How great is that?

Another advantage of making use of the Umarkets algo trading feature is that can analyze and make trades very quickly since the computer program functions at an astonishing speed. Since you will be able to make maximum trades in a certain time period, your profits will shoot up as well. Overall, algo trading is great for you if you have a busy lifestyle and cannot carve out the time in your schedule to invest in online trading.

Methods of Payment

There is no doubt that something every trader wants to see in an online trading platform is the availability of more than one payment method for making withdrawals and deposits. This always helps since making transactions is a regular job of every trader and it is very convenient to be able to choose from more than one banking channel.

When you trade on the Umarkets trading platform, you can opt between debit cards, credit cards and bank transfers to make all your payments or fund your investment account. There are also other payment channels available such as UPay which have become quite popular among online traders. All of these have their own advantages and it is best to your research first before you select your preferred payment method. Just keep in mind that not 3rd party will be allowed to make the deposits or transactions on your behalf. Umarkets has a very strict policy regarding this!

A great feature I liked was that no matter which banking option you select, you will always receive an automatic notification in your email for every deposit or withdrawal you make. By monitoring these emails, you can always keep track of your finances and stay on top of your monetary affairs.

Customer Support

Customer support is a very appealing feature of Umarkets and one of the many reasons why so many traders prefer their services. Their representative work 5 days a week and round the clock to cater to all the questions and concerns of traders. You may contact them for anything you want and their team will be glad to assist you and solve your issue.

I would also like to point out that that the Umarkets customer team consists of trading professionals who have complete knowledge about online trading. What that means is that you can count on their experience and rest assured that any information or help that they provide you will be 100 percent authentic without any misleading facts.

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To contact any of their customer support representatives, you have 3 options. You can either send them an email explaining your question or problem and of their people will get back to you promptly after that via email.  You can fill up the form on their contact page and after you submit your details, a representative will be in touch with you. The 3rd option is calling their customer support via phone. This is probably best for you if you are looking for more urgent assistance and cannot wait a day or two to hear back from their team.

Low Spreads

Every online trading platform charge some fee which every trader has to pay to the broker for each transaction he or she makes on the platform. If the spreads are high a certain broker has greater commissions, what that means is that you will have to give away a bigger cut of your earnings to the broker. As a result, your own profits will be low and not how much you expected in the first place.

This can be quite a big let down for most traders and Umarkets is well aware of that. To that end, if you chose to trade online on Umarkets, you can enjoy very low commissions and spreads (0.1 pips). Since you will be not be paying a large cut of your earnings to your broker, what that means for you is that you can keep more in your own wallet and make profits much more quickly.

You will also not have to pay any deposit or withdrawal fees to the platform for every transaction you make. This is a considerable advantage given most trading firms do charge this fee. What’s more, there is no hidden fees involved as well. All fees and charges are mentioned in the terms and conditions so be sure to read that.

Bottom Line

If you want to sign up on a top-quality online trading platform that ticks all the right boxes, then Umarkets is one of the best choices available for you. Regardless of whether you are new to online trading with zero prior experience or are a seasoned trader, you are sure to find Umarkets an ideal place to trade. If you have any further queries regarding their features or services, feel free to contact their customer team who will be happy to help you.