Ukraine BTC Donations Surpass $4 Million

A charity organization called Come Back Alive (which is based in Kyiv) has collected more than $4M in Bitcoin (BTC) as donations to improve Ukraine’s National Guard in confronting the Russian invasion. The respective charity firm was established in 2014 at the time of the Russian seizure of Crimea. After that time, the respective institution has continuously raised funds to back the military of Ukraine in shielding against Russian hostility.

Crypto enthusiasts donate BTC to Ukraine

In advance of the invasion of Russia, Patreon was the platform through which the crypto donations were received by Come Back Alive. Nonetheless, a post on the Facebook page of the charity describes that the Facebook page of the group was blocked by Patreon along with the seizure of nearly $250,000 in donations only hours following the start of the attack by Russia.

Patreon elaborated that the donations were being utilized by Come Back Alive to train and finance the troops thus the terms included in the platform’s service contract have been breached on the behalf of the charity.

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At present, Bitcoin as well as a payment system named SWIFT are assisting Come Back Alive to accept donations. The BTC wallet of the institution now comprises nearly 110 Bitcoin (almost $4.2M). In advance of the Russian invasion that commenced on 23rd February, approximately 4.5 BTC were held in the wallet of the charity (having a worth of nearly $171,000).

Formerly, the donations were utilized by the organization to buy bulletproof armors and vests, training the troops as well as the operators of unmanned aerial vehicles, and portable surveillance vehicles.

The new donations in support of Ukraine

A post that was published by Come Back Alive on Friday disclosed that the charity has utilized the new contributions to buy artillery and armor bags for Kyiv’s defense along with thermal imaging instruments as well as 25 helicopters.

The news came as the troops of Russia moved forward near the capital of Ukraine and some airstrikes were witnessed throughout the city. As the announcement of the airstrike was made on the behalf of Putin (the president of Russia) on Thursday, several notable crypto community members have criticized the attack and requested backup for Ukraine.

Sam Bankman-Fried (the CEO of FTX) shared a Twitter post on Thursday stating that $25 would be acquired by the entirety of the consumers from Ukraine in the accounts thereof to aid the people returning from the conflict.