Twitter Could Start Accepting Crypto Very Soon

Crypto has been adopted by a large number of organizations and platforms at an alarming rate. Initially, no one expected this form of currency to be as prevalent as it has become. As time passes, however, more and more people are beginning to realize that crypto is here to stay and may as well stay for good. This becomes abundantly clear when you look at the amount of people who have made investments in the crypto world.

That is not all though, as there are thousands, if not millions of people who intend to make investments in the near future. While there are load and loads of companies that have started accepting payments in the form of crypto, social media platforms are also moving in. According to a large number of reliable resources, there is a good chance that Twitter could also start accepting crypto.

During recent days, it was revealed that the tip jar feature present on Twitter will soon have an option for the users of crypto. People who have been in the crypto world for a while claim that this feature has been in development for a while. Initially, there were no reports about is, but a reverse engineer learned about it recently. The name of this engineer is Alessandro Paluzzi and he even shared some screenshots that show how the feature would look like once it gets launched.

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After some time, higher-ups from Twitter posted some teasers on the platform, which essentially confirmed that there were some massive changes to come soon. According to the screenshot that Paluzzi posted, the new tip jar on twitter will make use of the renowned lightning network. This would allow users to collect payments in Bitcoin without any sort of inconvenience.

There is another screenshot that shows how users would be able to make collections of Ethereum as well as bitcoin-related payments. What’s more, some reports suggest that the platform would allow them to add their addresses in their profiles. In addition to that, the screenshots even showed that Twitter would use Strike for any payment related to Bitcoin.

For those who don’t know, Strike is a very famous application for making payments. This app uses blockchain as well as bitcoin-related technology in order to make payments all over the world. One of the best things about strike is that using it is pretty easy and users will not need much time to learn its ins and outs.

While there is very little information about what else the new tipping jar feature would offer, people remain optimistic. Hopefully, it will introduce crypto to the social media world in the best way possible.