Top Cryptos to Watch in September Week 2

Cryptocurrencies have been the most impressive asset class as the world battles with the economic effect of the global pandemic. With its valuation exceeding $2 trillion, the crypto space has attracted investors worldwide. Though with its ups and downs, the crypto market has proven profitable. We decided to highlight the top coin you can consider this week as bulls appear to take over the game.


Bitcoin has been the best-performing cryptocurrency of all time. Since its inception in 2009, trading at $0.08, the crypto has surged over 9,000,000,000%. Meanwhile, the leading crypto contributed to pushing the overall virtual market upside towards $2.5 trillion. BTC’s nature to act as a store of wealth has attracted institutional and retail investors. For now, almost every crypto enthusiast wants BTC in his investment portfolio.

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The booming cryptocurrency market attracted national governments that want to enjoy the returns. Latin American nation El Salvador plans to adopt BTC officially from 7 September. Such news will promote the token’s upside moves this week. For now, the flagship token trades near $51,678.72 after gaining 3.52% yesterday.


With its market share at 19.7%, Ethereum takes the 2nd spot in the crypto market rank as far as valuation is concerned. The ETH network has housed top DApps in the cryptocurrency industry.

Moreover, the token’s PoW model promotes the expanding NFT and DeFi marketplaces. While publishing this article, Ethereum gained 1.66% in the daily chart to trade at $3,956.08. The crypto’s recent actions show that it might surge in the coming weeks.


Cardano’s ADA moved to the top-3 most valuable token in the crypto industry. With its market cap standing at $92, ADA is a token worth your attention this week. The most awaited smart contracts by the token will take place this month. That news had the alternative crypto rising above its past ATH at $2.30. Meanwhile, the token’s record high stands at $3.09. That was after the drastic correction that the overall crypto market saw over the past three months. While writing this, ADA trades near $2.90 after gaining 0.53% over the past 24 hours.

Other tokens that you can watch in September week two are Binance Coin and Solana. The alternative tokens have witnessed impressive upticks lately. However, do your research.