Top Commodities to Trade in 2021 August

Commodities marketplaces have seen significant growth since April. Meanwhile, analysts expect inflation to increase as the international economy approaches the pre-pandemic zones. With such speculations, investors are finding ways to magnify their exposure as far as the commodities market is concerned.

As market players expect continuous growth for commodities, here are some options you can invest in in 2021 August.


Coppers are among the commodities that registered the best performances in 2021. The asset saw its spot price spiking to an ATH at $4.796 on May 2021. That translated to a 36% surge from the start of this year. While writing this, copper’s spot price stands at $4.360.

Copper is an essential material used in many industrial products like electrical equipment and construction tools. Other market players call it Dr. Copper because its price links to the performance (healthy) of the global economy. The commodity has chances of an extended bullish run due to its unexhausted usage.

 Arabica Coffee

Arabica coffee has seen price upticks since March to hit its record highs in 2021 June. The contract registered a $1.7/pound high in July. However, most investors are now skeptical about the commodity’s availability due to Brazil seeing an extraordinary drought. Extreme drought to reduce soil moisture can impact the 2022 Arabica coffee harvest. The prices surge as the supply decreases and demand increases. According to most Wall Street experts, Arabica’s price will experience long-term bullishness.


For now, gold has its market cap at $11.034 trillion. Keep in mind that the precious metal saw its price at a record high on 2 June at $1,908.00. That came as the market recovered from slight price losses that saw gold below $1,700 in Q1 2021. Meanwhile, the asset’s spot price has never settled since its historic highs of $2,030.22 in 2020.

Crude Oil

Crude oil prices rose to surpass $70 in every barrel. The asset saw its price increasing after the gradual lockdowns lifts that saw hospitality and tourism sectors resuming their activities. Worldwide travel will boost the oil’s price due to increased demand. For now, most analysts expect Brent to trade around $70 per barrel by 2021 Q2.

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