Silicon Valley Bank Collapse Sparks Bitcoin and Crypto Frenzy

The presenter of the Coin Tales program, Natalie Brunell, was recently interviewed by Fox Business to discuss how cryptocurrencies have managed to maintain their value despite the failure of some of the world’s most prominent institutions, including Silicon Valley Bank.

Brunell brought attention to the fact that using bitcoin over the weekend was possible despite the inability of banks to process transactions. She spoke about how Bitcoin continued to operate regularly despite the upheavals. Fresh users joined the network regularly, which resulted in new blocks and the generation of brand-new bitcoins.

Trusting bitcoin over-leverage

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Brunell continued by stating that this is precisely why Bitcoin was developed. In addition, she emphasized that the existing system and its issues are related not just to leverage and debt but also to trust.

The presenter of Coin Tales also mentioned that individuals should keep in mind that when they deposit their money in the bank, the banks are gambling with the money they have saved. Brunell further emphasized the benefits of Bitcoin by adding that technology users have self-custody and do not need to rely on anybody other than themselves to secure their cryptocurrency.

Lawmakers & bitcoin’s future

Charles Payne, the host of Fox Business, also discussed Signature Bank board member Barney Frank and his recent statement in which he said that the closing of the institutions sent an anti-crypto solid message. Brunell hoped legislators would realize that Bitcoin is an accumulative rather than a destructive currency. In addition to this, she emphasized the fact that it is a valuable investment.

Payne noted that politicians are concerned about losing control over fiat money, particularly since cryptocurrencies are becoming more popular. Brunell did point out, however, that even if the government attempts to issue CBDCs, the answer is a decentralized alternative with a limited, finite supply that cannot be manipulated or controlled in any way. Moreover, she said that she thinks Bitcoin is a viable option.