SHIB Will Soon Be Available at Newegg’s Platform

Globally renowned Newegg, an e-commerce website, has been pleased to inform its users that soon they will be inducting Shiba Innu coin on its retail platform. The company is already accepting several cryptocurrencies which are being done through the crypto payment app of “Bitpay”.

An announcement from the media table of Newegg has been made on 26th November 2021. The announcement revealed that in a matter of a few days, Newegg will be introducing SHIB crypto coins at its retail platform. The decision has been made specifically on the public demand, said the online retail giant.

Newegg is currently the biggest online retail e-commerce platform in North America whose a major focus on tech products. The trade operations and business of Newegg also spread over several countries of the European region. Similarly, it renders online trade services in a few Middle Eastern, Asian, and Latin American countries as well. It is regarded as one of the best online websites in terms of prices. One can easily find products such as vehicle parts, computers, laptops, mobile phones, computer components, and accessories at its trading platform.

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It was one of the few online websites which posed confidence in crypto payment mechanisms. It has been more than 2 years now that Newegg has been accepting crypto payments on the basis of various cryptocurrencies. Bitpay has been assisting Newegg in accepting cryptocurrencies against invoices through its crypto payment app called “Bitpay”.

In the announcement relating to the SHIB coin, however, Newegg did not reveal details such as the date of SHIB’s introduction. It is rumored also that along with the integration of SHIB coin, Newegg is expecting Bitpay to include Dogecoin acceptance as well. Both, Dogecoin and SHIB, are two entirely different cryptocurrencies. However, they both share with each other a common similarity. Both are in fact based on a famous dog called “Shiba Inu”. So there is a sense of rivalry amongst the two quite popular cryptocurrencies.

The decision of Newegg seems to emerge from the announcement of Adam Aron, the CEO of AMC Theatres. Two weeks ago AMC’s CEO informed Twitter that Bitpay will start supporting SHIB coin. He told categorically that Bitpay will be supporting SHIB at his personal request because AMC wants to introduce a SHIB payment mechanism.