Self-Proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto Craig Wright Wins A Lawsuit Battle Against

Craig Wright, a prominent Bitcoin SV proponent, and the so-called ‘real’ Satoshi Nakamoto, recently won his legal battle regarding copyright infringement for Bitcoin’s whitepaper. As such, will now have to get rid of the Bitcoin whitepaper displayed on its site, as well as host its own notice, which will refer to the judgment of the court, and finally pay the legal cost-related expenses incurred by Wright, which amount to $48,600 in total.

Craig had sued and Cøbra for being the ones to host Bitcoin’s whitepaper, despite the fact that the Australian businessman and computer scientist claims that he was the one responsible for making it in the first place, as he was allegedly part of the initial Bitcoin team years ago.

Cøbra doesn’t mount a defense

Wright had managed to win the lawsuit by default following Cøbra’s decision to not mount any kind of defense. Cøbra is the pseudonymous owner of the website. As such, will now be mandated to remove the aforementioned Bitcoin whitepaper from its site and will also be forced to display a notice which will refer to the court’s decision. To make matters worse, $48,600 (about $35,000 GBP) will have to be paid to Craig so that he may pay his legal expenses.

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Earlier today, Cøbra stated via Twitter that everyone’s fiat assets are essentially made secure by the very same legal infrastructure, which has now made it completely illegal to host Bitcoin’s whitepaper on The tweet further went on to claim that all this has happened due to a well-known liar swearing in court that he is, in fact, Satoshi himself, but this just proves that our so-called ‘justice system’ is often determined by who possesses the larger wallet.

Shortly afterward, another tweet followed, which said that what has now transpired is a perfect example of why BTC is crucial in this day and age. This is because the tweet continued, any rules which are ultimately enforced via cryptography tend to be better than those dependant on who may have the most funds available.

Craig wins

Not long after winning, Simon Cohen wrote that Craig has no desire to limit access to the white paper. But, the computer scientist is not in favor of the white paper being utilized by developers and supporters of various alternative assets like Bitcoin Core for the purposes of promoting or potentially misrepresenting any assets that Bitcoin itself may not support or be aligned with.

In related news, Cøbra had previously mentioned that defending against Wright and his lawsuit is utter nonsense and a complete waste of everyone’s time. Of course, things did not turn out the way Cøbra would have liked in the end.