Samsung Aims To Become Top And Active Investor In Blockchain Industry

It has been discovered recently that Samsung, a tech giant from South Korea is one of the largest and most active investors in the blockchain industry.

The Most Active Investor

According to multiple on-chain data analyzing entities, Samsung is the most active blockchain investor. The company has been investing heavily in companies that are also part of the crypto-blockchain industry.

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A study of the major funding rounds in the cryptocurrency and blockchain sector from September 2021 to June 2022 shows Samsung being the most active investor.

The study shows that in the particular period, Samsung participated in a total of 13 funding rounds.

This means that Samsung is aiming to gain a lot of exposure and ground within the crypto-blockchain sector. The company has been exploring different spaces and segments found within the crypto-blockchain industry.

Major Investments by Samsung

Blockdata, a major crypto-blockchain data analyzer published and confirmed on Thursday that Samsung is indeed the most active mainstream investor.

Some of the major investments Samsung has made include companies such as Sky Mavis, Animoca Brands, Yuga Labs, and Flowcarbon.

Sky Mavis is the developer of blockchain- and NFT-based game Axie Infinity while Animoca Brands is a major blockchain game developer. Yuga Labs is the company behind the creation of Bored Apes Yacht Club while Flowcarbon is a climate tech venture.

Investments through Samsung Next

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Samsung has been very serious when it comes to the exploration of the crypto-blockchain industry. The company wants to gain more and more exposure in the particular sector.

To ensure it makes uninterrupted investments in crypto-blockchain technologies, Samsung has launched its crypto-blockchain investment arm known as Samsung Next.

Samsung Next has been launched to work under Samsung Electronics but it acts independently as an innovation group.

The arm’s creation is to carry out investments in multiple spaces such as metaverse, and artificial intelligence (AI), and to make investments in blockchain technology.

No Clear Estimation about Samsung’s Investments

While Blockdata has successfully discovered Samsung Next’s investment endeavors, it hasn’t been able to pinpoint exactly how much the arm has spent on the crypto-blockchain technologies.

However, Blockdata has shared an estimation surrounding Samsung’s investment in the crypto-blockchain technology. A rough estimation shared by Blockdata for funds invested by Samsung Next point at $979.26 million.

Other Notable Companies Investing in Crypto-Blockchain

Other major companies from the mainstream world investing heavily in crypto-blockchain technology include Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, BlackRock, Alphabet, and many more.

Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and BlackRock are major financial institutions with a global presence while Alphabet is the parent company of Google.

Compared to these major companies, Samsung has proven to be the most active investor. This suggests that Samsung is highly invested in crypto-blockchain technology.

It is expected that soon, Samsung may launch its own blockchain system with its own native token.