Russia’s Sberbank Adds New Features To Its Blockchain Platform Including Ethereum Compatibility

Sber, the biggest bank based in Russia, has declared that the blockchain platform operating under it will have Ethereum compatibility. The bank, which has the Russian government as its majority shareholder, specified in its press release that the exclusive functionalities would soon take effect in its open blockchain forum.

Sber Bank of Russia Integrates MetaMask and Ethereum

The declaration was witnessed during the initial international conference of the members of the blockchain market for businesses. The event was organized on the behalf of Sber Blockchain Laboratory.

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In the declaration, the platform mentioned that it will become compatible with Ethereum (the biggest ecosystem of decentralized finance across the globe) in terms of technology.

This signifies that the firm will permit the developers to conveniently transact smart contracts as well as the whole projects between Ethereum as well as the blockchain network of the banking institution.

The blockchain forum of Sber will additionally have integration with the MetaMask wallet of ConcenSys. The respective wallet has recently grasped a lot of attention in the case of IP tracking.

The developers and consumers will have the ability to release their tokens along with developing smart contracts. Apart from that, the integration with the information systems of the bank will permit the use of rubles for smart contract-related payments.

The Sberbank Blockchain Laboratory operates in a close partnership with outside developers as well as collaborating firms, as per the platform’s director Alexander Nam.

The director showed enthusiasm that in line with the swift progress seen by the Web3 sector, the companies promoting diverse blockchain protocols are to witness a mounting demand.

Sber will have the potential to bring together enterprises, developers, as well as financial entities in both the fields of development and research regarding the advancement in real-world business applications, according to the declaration.

Russia Establishes Its Earliest Blockchain

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It is noteworthy that Sber additionally introduced the initial blockchain ETF of the country in 2021’s December. In addition to this, at the start of the previous year, the banking institution had requested the central bank of the country to grant authorization for releasing its stablecoin called “Sbercoin”.

The Central Bank of Russia authorized it in 2022’s spring. After that, the initial transaction was accomplished by Sber with the digital token in June this year.

The current declaration of Sber is witnessed only days following the announcement of support by Vladimir Putin (the President of Russia) for an international system of payment powered by blockchain technology.

The president condemned the monopoly being exercised across the present financial system throughout the world, saying that this all is controlled on the behalf of a minor assembly of states as well as financial groups.

Putin, while speaking at a meeting that Sberbank conducted, stated that the latest system requires being immune to 3rd-party interference including banks. In his words, this system must be established on blockchain technology and a digital currency. At the moment, the price of Ethereum (ETH) is around $1.274.

On the 1st of December 2022, the price of the crypto token witnessed a drop at $1310 (a crucial resistance level) and may pursue support at the price level of $1.231. Just after that, the token would potentially deal with the resistance sector at $1.350. This increases the expectation of a breakout over the levels of price in advance of the FTX collapse.