Ripple Is Making Huge Moves In Europe

Despite some minor mishaps, Ripple is continuing to pump up the hype around XRP. The recent announcement from the company was a loud one.

XRP will be soon retailed in the United Kingdom and France where users will be able to use local fiat currency to purchase XRP and other tokens associated with Ripple. It is a good expansion of a feature that was successfully tested in the Netherlands.

Make way for a new king

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The feature will be brought to end users by Xumm Wallet which is a great product that has been gaining momentum in Europe.

It allows users to exchange fiat for crypto effortlessly and purchase tokens with Euro in the Netherlands where Xumm tests its new features.

The company works together with two massive providers BTC Direct and Banxa. The former is focused on creating infrastructure and services in Europe while the latter is focused more on Asia and other parts of the globe.

Both companies are instrumental in allowing users to seamlessly swap currencies without using exchanges and custodial services from other financial platforms.

Users of Xumm will be able to simply pay for XRP and receive tokens in their wallets immediately. It is a good solution for people interested in investing in various cryptocurrencies.

Considering the popularity of Ripple and its intense competition with other coins, this move seems to be big for the company.

Remember that Xumm is a non-custodial, highly specialized wallet for the XRP ledger and works as an interface for end users to interact with tokens issued by Ripple and associated platforms.

Does Ripple shift its focus?

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It looks like the legal battle between the US government and Ripple came to a standstill and the company wants to avoid unnecessary, restrictive regulations that the US officials want to impose on XRP.

Even if the battle will be decisively won by Ripple, it may be not as beneficial as looking at Europe and Asia as the most prioritized markets for XRP.

The current situation in the crypto industry is quite worrisome for companies that have all their baskets in the crypto game.

It may be smart for Ripple to move its resources to places where crypto has more potential.