Richardson Lewis Review – A Platform For Courageous Traders

Richardson Lewis Review
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Read our Richardson Lewis review and learn why we recommend this broker for online trading. Richardson Lewis is a great trading platform that offers features and services that suit traders from different backgrounds.

Richardson Lewis Review

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A few years back I was just an ordinary person doing ordinary job where thought I was earning a good income. Then came a moment when I took notice of online trading and saw that huge potential is there which I can reveal by becoming a part-time trader. It was this need which led me to a great broker that helped me grow. Now that I have gained a lot of experience in trading, I want to share my knowledge through this Richardson Lewis Review which would be helpful for others. Here are some of the features of this broker which helped me finding my destined career.

Global Markets and 1000 Plus Assets

For a beginner like me, Richardson Lewis was the perfect place where I could begin trading and learning the art of effective trading. Here I was immediately exposed to hundreds of opportunities of earning profits in the global financial markets wherein I had the option of trading in thousand plus assets. In addition, my trading exposure was not restricted to any one type of trading class and in fact the broker offered me trading opportunities in forex, indices, commodities, stocks, cryptocurrencies etc.

Since I was one amongst many beginners, I found refuge in forex trading option of the broker. From there onwards, as the time went by, I expanded my trading exposure in other trading classes as well. I can now proclaim myself to be a professional multi-asset trader equipped with the capability of turning low-returning investments into lucrative investments.

Trader-wise Account Options

Since I was to start trading for the very first time, hence, I wasn’t aware of the fact how crucial account selection is, if accounts wouldn’t have been explained by the broker. When I joined the platform, I knew what account is best for me because I had already understood the features offered in the six accounts of the broker. I decided to go for Micro account which had all the features which a beginner would like to have plus the initial deposit requirement of Euro 5,000 was well within my comfort zone.

I wish to get to the final account i.e. Platinum but so far I have so far made up firstly to the Basic Account and then to the Advanced account. Still I need to reach go through two more accounts of the broker namely Premium and Gold till I get to my final destination.

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Limitless Amenities In Accounts

On the first day of my joining, after depositing Euro 5,000 in my Micro Account, I was given full access to all the amenities and services lying in the account. If I had a little experience in trading, I would have gone either for the Basic or Advanced preferably because amenities-wise I found both of them very comprehensive and wide-ranging. First of all, I was offered in-private training sessions and an account manager for helping me out in account and fund management.

In addition, although the broker already requires a very low commission, with the Advanced account I managed to bring down the commission to 0.75%. For the sake of others, I would also like to highlight that the accounts of Gold, Premium and Platinum offer further amenities which are different and better from the ones provided in basic account types.

Priceless Trading Tools

I found that the broker’s provided tools of trading were all priceless because they were highly advantageous in the formation of thoughtful trading decisions. For instance, it was through the daily and weekly trading alerts/market insights that helped me understand trading markets’ environment, existing trends and potential outcomes.

Furthermore, I like the fact that the broker paid attention to the type of trading platform because I personally feel web-trading platform is better than desktop. Since the broker offered web-based platform, it didn’t took me a few minutes to get myself familiar with the broker’s website, its content and trading amenities.

The Verdict

I must say that you shouldn’t ignore the chance of becoming a trader otherwise you will miss out an opportunity of bringing about the change. For me it was Richardson Lewis which was the source of change I sought and I am sure it could be yours too. The only thing which is keeping you away with this broker is the sign-up process so get over with it as soon as possible.