Revolutionary GPT-4 Model Launch by ChatGPT Sends AI Token Prices Soaring!

The introduction of GPT-4 has resulted in a significant spike in the values of AI tokens. ChatGPT is ruling the tech world, as OpenAI has announced the release of GPT-4, a new model with upgrades.

ChatGPT introduces the game-changing GPT-4 paradigm, a quantum leap over GPT-3.5! The new model now includes picture recognition and a remarkable memory capacity of up to 25,000 words, with unequaled capabilities in inventiveness, dependability, and accurate processing of complicated commands. 

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ChatGPT attracts millions

OpenAI has generated a stir in the IT industry, and numerous rivals are launching AI projects. Notwithstanding the dangers and limitations, millions of people utilize the ChatGPT program.

Even though the relevance of AI has grown over time, 2023 is one of the most pivotal years. Since the beginning of the year, the crypto sector has shifted as many initiatives have risen. Conor Grogan of Coinbase put the software through its paces by entering a smart contract, and it revealed flaws.

There’s little question that the updated design will lead to even more users joining ChatGPT. To be more explicit, CryptoGPT has begun to aid specific crypto initiatives.

The project’s platform, which it claims to be because of Zero knowledge Layer-2, lets users make money off their artificial intelligence data and turn common activities like gaming, exercise, and education into a source of revenue. The token’s value has climbed by 1703% since it was first traded on exchanges, big thanks to its meteoric rise during the previous few days.

Artificial intelligence tokens soar

Some AI-related startups have witnessed a rise in token value after the news broke. Although these tokens have existed for some time, their recent popularity is entirely attributable to ChatGPT.

SingularityNET, Oasis Network, Render Token, The Graph, and are some of the most successful tokens. Most of these tokens have experienced price increases in the double digits, with AGIX seeing a rise of 36% over the last 24 hours. The value of AI tokens is on the rise right now.

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