Request (REQ) Gains Over 40% – Where to Buy the Token?

  • The REQ token currently trades at $0.4035.
  • The altcoin gained 41.10% within the past 24 hours.
  • Here’s a guide on where you can buy REQ.

Request (REQ) has maintained uptrends since the crypto projects declared partnering with Coinbase towards 2021 end. Besides Coinbase listing, the REQ platform has seen surging popularity. That is after Request announced working with Superfluid to automate recurring Web3 invoices and payments. Superfluid is an Ethereum programmable money streams.

Meanwhile, our team created this brief content to help crypto enthusiasts interested in REQ crypto. Read the article for more information.

Where to Purchase REQ Token?

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As REQ is a relatively new token in the market, you will hardly access it on top exchanges. However, you can use decentralized exchanges to purchase the coin, which means you may have to undergo extra steps. Here’s how you can buy your Request coin.

  • Purchase Ether on a Legit Broker or Exchange, Like eToro

We recommend eToro since it is among the top multi-asset platforms. Moreover, it boasts lower fees than most alternatives in the crypto industry. Furthermore, eToro is newbie-friendly, supporting beginners in the crypto world.

  • Send Your Ether to Wallets Like MetaMask or Trust Wallet

Make sure to use compatible wallets. Nevertheless, you will have to create a wallet, secure your address, then send the coins.

  • Connect Wallet to Uniswap DEX

Visit Uniswap and connect your crypto wallet to the platform.

  • Swap Your Ether for REQ

After connecting your wallet, you can swap multiple tokens, including REQ.

About REQ Token

REQ is Request Network’s native crypto. Meanwhile, Request Network is an ETH-based decentralized payment ecosystem allowing users to request and receive payments via secure methods without intermediaries. The platform uses REQ as its utility token.

Moreover, Request Network utilizes platforms like IPFS and Ethereum to increase its security, data ownership, and privacy levels for its users. The Sandbox partnership will mean Request Protocol automating SAND payments.

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Should You Buy REQ Token Now?

If you are interested in an altcoin recording a monstrous bullish rally, you may consider REQ Token. However, beware of the risks involved with cryptocurrency markets. The assets are highly volatile.

REQ Price Forecast

Market players await the partnership between Sandbox and Request Network. Entering the metaverse world might see REQ propelling toward ATH value levels of $1.18.

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