Report: Russians Have Reportedly Liquidated Billions Of Dollars In BTC In UAE

As the G7’s member countries are stiffening the trap around Russia as well as the western-based Oligarches thereof, continuous efforts are being done on the behalf of the latter to discover unique methods to shift their funds in Dubai to circumvent the hawk-eyed financial watchdogs’ attention.

As per a report published on the behalf of Reuters, it has been revealed by those who are acquainted with the situation that numerous requests are coming from the residents of Russia to liquidate the BTC funds thereof as well as provide Dubai-based real estate in return or transfer them into cash. As the majority of the gulf countries are neutral during the present Russia-Ukraine catastrophe and the open-ended approach thereof towards the investments coming from foreign, they are categorized as a suitable place by the people for the fortunes thereof.

Dubai, the city which is the biggest as well as much alluring across the area has been aimed at by the elite Russian citizens as they can conveniently switch the crypto thereof to the rest of the assets such as moveable assets and real estate. One crypto platform stated to have been flooded by numerous requests made on the behalf of the Swiss-based brokerage companies to liquidate billion dollars’ worth of BTC under the possession of their consumers who think that their assets are going to be frozen by Switzerland.

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The executive of the company – who requested to remain anonymous – mentioned that there were just five or six of the requests in the previous week however now their amount is continuously increasing, which is very exceptional. In his words, the platform normally witnesses one large transaction in a month nevertheless now a person who came via a broker intends to trade 125,000 BTC (nearly $6 billion).

A Swiss-based financial regulator’s representative disclosed through email that the SECO (State Secretariat for Economic Affairs) had reaffirmed to extend the sanctions that are implemented over the Russians across the country to include the crypto assets thereof. The customers of another brokerage company for real estate that accepts crypto payments additionally disclosed a similar situation.

According to an insider, several Belarusians and Russians are entering Dubai along with bringing crypto with them. The UAE-based financial sources have established that many Russians were buying property within the gulf state by utilizing crypto, despite an increase in the endeavors of crypto exchanges to halt sanctioned bodies.