Reddit Tests A New Profile Picture Feature To Enter NFTs Space

The new famous name in the sector of social media to accept the spiking NFT (non-fungible token) world is Reddit after Twitter and YouTube. The platform has got into the bandwagon of NFTs by providing a service that permits the consumers to add NFTs in their possession in the form of their profile image.

The respective step has imitated the one taken on the behalf of Twitter, which introduced a much alike feature some days ago whereby NFTs could be verified by the paying subscribers. Reddit in advance has its collection of Ethereum-based NFTs under the title CryptoSnoos being introduced to limited users in recent year.

The NFTs of profile pictures

A very little amount of details has been provided by the platform regarding NFTs. Reddit disclosed that the respective NFT test counts as a crucial and fundamental stage currently unavailable for the public related to the site, as per TechCrunch. Tim Rathschmidt – the spokespersons of the company – stated that the test was on a limited internal scale, and decisions about releasing it at a large scale have not been taken till yet.

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He moved on to mention that the platform is working on the possibilities regarding the provision of value for the communities and users related to Reddit. At present, they are testing the capability of the venue to utilize NFTs in the form of profile pictures along with verifying the ownership thereof.

This does not count to be the initial move of Reddit regarding the NFT field as the company has been promoting its Snoos collection previously, which has got a mixed response. Several consumers of the platform are known to be against NFTs as well as crypto and thus confronted the declaration about the subject.

NFTs and the social media giants

Reddit also possesses an alien NFT collection on OpenSea, which did not mean to be sold, as per the report. YouTube (a video streaming platform) has additionally entered the NFT space with a declaration this week to enable NFTs for the creators of the content.

An open letter was published by the venue on 25th January in which Susan Wojcicki (the CEO of YouTube) noted that the company was directed towards widening the ecosystem of YouTube to assist the creators in capitalizing on the latest technologies, such as NFTs.